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This game continues to amaze me. What follows is a somewhat disjointed collection of thoughts.

Nightmare difficulty with my Monk (Capuchin. Get it? A Capuchin MONKey?) has proven fairly easy. Jon, if you're reading this, you probably doubt me when I say that due to how many times I died when we were playing, but with a quick gear fix everything is smoother sailing. I have been reading up on builds and how to optimize things for my class, so I will probably have a powerhouse when all is said and done. I have gotten barely past the Skeleton King in act 1, and I'm at level 37. I've amused myself going back through and playing boss fights in Normal with my monk now. It's uncanny just how much easier 4 levels makes Izual and Diablo. Izual was down in 30 seconds, Diablo in about 2 minutes.

In other news, I gave my wife a guest pass and she loved it, so she's now playing with me! I started up a Demon Hunter (Winchester, named after demon hunters Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural) since she was interested in Monk, so we have some melee and ranged going. I'm up to 25 on my Demon Hunter and loving it so far.

When I'm playing DH, I think I prefer it to Monk, until I switch back to my monk. That's one awesome thing about the game-- everything (so far) feels fresh. New difficulties and new classes that fundamentally change gameplay make the same content you've already played feel fresh again.

Demon Hunter was a bit tricky, at least at first. Every death was a learning experience, but early on death came quickly and often. Now I'm a badass as long as I don't get in the middle of a pack of elites.

I'm looking forward to seeing how they both play out.

EDIT: Also, click the image for a pretty badass wallpaper.

I'm giving my wrist a rest. I had the day off today, and with the exception of a few errands and a call or two when things went wrong at work, I've been playing Diablo 3.

I think I'm approaching the end of act 2. As amazed as I was with the pacing in Act 1, it's like it just keeps getting better. The enemies keep ramping up their difficulty as I level, obviously, but the sense of your power growing is present throughout. One of my pet peeves with games is when the progression never feels like you're progressing. This avoids that stagnation in a major way, and I can't even put my finger on why.

From what I've heard, the pacing just keeps getting better.

So, apparently there have been a lot of user accounts hacked. Is everyone here safe?

Alright, here we go. Namwen#1800 if you're interested in playing with me :) (stupid character limit wouldn't take panickedthumb).
I think I'm about halfway through Rage, and I have learned three things.

* Don't trust game demos.
* Don't trust gamers.
* Don't trust reviewers.

I played the demo and decided to skip it, but decided to buy it on a whim and I am having so much fun with this game. Apparently the PC version was buggy as hell at launch, but I have yet to see a single bug.

I know one of the big complaints people have is that the graphics weren't great, but honestly I've been blown away by the graphics a few times. If you zoom in on a wall it's going to look bad, sure, but in general gameplay the environment is fantastic.

The AI is pretty good, the enemies will react to changes in the battle. Some will charge you in desperation, some will flee. If things aren't going well for them, they'll fall back to regroup. They do tend to fall into somewhat predictable routines at times, but the varied enemy combat types keep it fresh.

The gunplay is excellent. It's an id game, so that should come as no surprise.

There are some downsides though. It seems like it tried to do too much. The racing mechanics aren't that great, and racing is forced on you at least a couple times in the game. Often the game feels more linear than it lets on, but I don't mind linear. For some reason, a few updates ago they decided to disable console commands, making this the first id game I can remember where you can't turn on god mode. I guess that's good or bad depending on your view of it, but I always liked to go on a rampage run after I'd finished a game, turning it up to nightmare difficulty and having a rocket-fest. Certainly not a show-stopper, but a strange decision from Carmack and Co. The story is probably the worst offender-- truth be told, there's very little story to it. Some games don't need story, but this one could have benefited from it.

Overall the game reminds me of a mix of Half-Life 2, Borderlands, Fallout 3, and Motorstorm, and in a very few cases it does better than these games, but trying to do too much they may have spread themselves thin. It never achieves the greatness of any of those games. It's fun, tons of fun, but it didn't quite gel into the perfect storm of post-apocalyptic greatness they were shooting for.

I don't know. It had years of development and a lot of hype, so I assume it was bound to get criticized more heavily than normal, but I think this is a fantastic game that is overly criticized, often for unfounded reasons. It isn't everything it's cracked up to be, but it's a ton of fun, and I can see myself replaying it years from now in the same way I do the early id games.

Well, it has happened. Bethesda has announced the Elder Scrolls MMO.

It has been rumored for months (years?) now, but we finally have confirmation.

It will be set 1000 years before the events of Skyrim, where Molag Bal is attempting to swallow up Tamriel into his plane of Oblivion. Looks interesting so far.

Guys. Holy crap. It's not like this is my first foray into Steam. I've been using it for simpler games for ages now, but I'm more into it since I'm playing more "serious" games on it.

But I *just* finally decided to see what pressing shift+tab to access the Steam community did. That thing is badass. You can get a full tabbed browser in your game as you're playing it.

Why had I never checked that out before?

If anyone hasn't played Dead Space 1 or 2 (I haven't either), it's really cheap right now on Steam. $10 for both!

I just got a new PC capable of playing at least most of the current games out right now. I tried playing Oblivion (yes, Oblivion) on my old one and it stuttered too much to enjoy. I decided it was time for a change.

So, I'm really out of the loop when it comes to PC games. What have I missed over the past ... almost a decade? The last PC game I really sank a lot of time into was Half-Life 2, if that tells you anything.

I have Deus Ex: Human Revolution waiting for me, I'm going to replay the recent Bethesda games on PC so I can mess with the available mods, and I'm going to finally give Morrowind a fair shot. Anything else I should try?
This game is beautiful. A single playthrough won't take you long, maybe 4 hours if you're really taking your time, but I intend to replay it quite a few times.

The visuals are beautiful. Coming from thatgamecompany, the people who gave us Flow and Flower, this is unsurprising. Movement is fluid, and the controls work exactly as you would expect.

The multiplayer aspect is the most interesting part, though. As you play you will be paired up with someone. You won't know their PSN ID until after you finish, you can't talk to them or send them messages. Your only form of communication is a visual and audible blip. Somehow, though, this works. As people disconnect, you'll lose them from your game and connect to someone else.

Once, toward the end of the game, I had been playing with the same person for about 45 minutes when they suddenly dropped. For just a few seconds, I was distraught. In that short time, with only bell sounds and flashy lights to communicate, I had gotten attached to this companion. It was only when I realized and examined this emotion that I shook it, because it was immediately replaced by amazement at what this simple little game had done.

Play it. That's all I can say. If you have a PS3, you need to play this.

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