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OK here's my epic Terraria base. I spent weeks off and on with this thing. If you noticed I wasn't around on the CG server for days at a time, this is why.

I created/destroyed so many new worlds just to get the materials for this, so I could get different colored dungeon blocks mostly.

One thing I didn't show off there at the end, I decided not to bore anyone further, is that I have a long line of bricks in Hell, ending with a lava pit like the one WhiteBoySlim made, and a house above so you can set your spawn point.

I also have houses at the entrance to the dungeon, corruption, and underground jungle.

I used Tedit to copy in a couple of additions you'll recognize, and also to fix a few things that I can fix with a couple of clicks rather than spending hours destroying and rebuilding. I also used a map program called TerraFirma to find some statues for the statue farm, and a few of the ones I used in the NPC housing. I may or may not have used a chest glitch to get enough wire for all my contraptions. :-X

I took some inspiration for the construction style from #5 on this list:

If you're interested in your own obsidian generator, here's how to do it:

I recorded everything in Bandicam, because FRAPS only lets you do 30 seconds without paying them-- Bandicam allows 10 minutes. But it appears Bandicam's compression leaves a little to be desired, so I recommend watching this in full screen and in 360p if you want to actually see the text.

And now I'm done with Terraria for a while. I definitely want to come back to it between Dec 15 and 31, for the winter content (or I might just change my clock at some point). Santa and packs of snowmen? Sign me up!
Diablo III 1.0.4 patch notes released

Last but not least in our series of D3 posts, the patch notes!

Hope you have some time to kill-- this one takes a while to read. SO many changes, almost all of them good.

And confirmed, The patch is coming tomorrow!

To recap...
Diablo III Profiles release:
Initial 1.0.4 preview:
Legendary item improvements:
Diablo III Starter Edition availability:
Barbarian improvements:
Wizard improvements:
Monk improvements:
Demon Hunter improvements:
Witch Doctor improvements:
Paragon level leak:
Auction House improvements:
Paragon System Detailed:
The Paragon system... It's official!

This looks incredible. 100 extra experience bars to fill, giving you awesome bonuses the whole way.

It isn't *just* experience, apparently. It looks like you get some boosts to your core stats along the way as well!

By the time you hit Paragon level 100, you will have reached the maximum Gold/Magic Find available, and GF/MF gear won't matter.
Auction house changes coming to 1.0.4:

This is such good news. This is going to fix all of my big qualms with the current auction house. Gems not factoring in is a godsend, the ability to cancel an auction at any time, and search on up to 6 stats... this is good.

The Magic Find post should be later today I hope!
Diablo III is finally kinda getting an endgame

This is huge.

This blog post is all datamined info from the 1.0.4 patch. Each new patch always shows up in an accessible location, and people always grab it and datamine it, the weekend before it goes live.

What you're seeing in that pic is an entirely new leveling mechanic that appears to be coming to Diablo 3 in the patch this Tuesday (and yes, it does seem more and more likely that the patch will arrive Tuesday).

It looks like Paragon levels will let you continue "leveling" after hitting level 60, and get a boost to magic and gold find with each level.

Tons more useful info in that post. Lots of specifics about class changes, etc. But one thing to keep in mind is that not all of the info may be accurate. They could add data to the game without activating it, and there could be other mechanics at play that change some of the values you see here.

Still, this is exciting.
PC Gaming For Cheap!

So there's a new Humble Bundle out. Although it's called the Humble Android Bundle 3, all the games are cross-platform, for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. You can get Steam keys and Ubuntu Software Center activations as well, same as with the last numbered bundle. Some good stuff here, but nothing to top what we've seen in the past.

Everyone who's participated in a Humble Bundle knows that it's a great opportunity to get great games for next to nothing. But there are also other bundles going on that fewer people are aware of.


This works similarly to the Humble Bundle. There's a similar profit distribution, with a different charity, and you can set how much to go to which group, same as the Humble Bundle. They're currently on number 7, and I've heard good things about a few of the games they have included in this bundle.

Indie Royale

This one is different. Same basic premise-- you set your own price, and you get a bonus for going over the average-- but it doesn't go to charity as far as I can tell, it's just to the developers. That said, this is made by the people who make Desura, so you know they care about their Indie Devs. Some of these games are not redeemable on Steam, but they are all redeemable on Desura. They have a new bundle up every two weeks.


Speaking of Desura, if you haven't heard of it you should check into it. It's another game distribution platform like Steam, but exclusively for indie games. There are some Kickstarter elements built in as well, so you can fund games with your preorders and get early alpha access or other bonuses. Generally games here are pretty cheap, as are almost all indie games when compared to big-budget titles.


What if you want a game but don't want to pay for it at all? This site lets you sign in with your Steam account, and anyone can put up games as giveaways that anyone can enter. Your chances of *winning* the giveaway are pretty slim, of course, but if you keep plugging you might get lucky without ever paying a cent.


CheapShark indexes game sales across a wide variety of retailers, so if you're interested in a title, you can look it up on CheapShark and know you're getting the best deal available at the time.

So what other money-saving tips do you guys have for the gamer on a budget?
And the last of the class previews, the Witch Doctor.

I have yet to play a Witch Doctor. When I first saw Jon's I started drooling over it, but it became pretty apparent from all the buzz on forums, reddit, etc, that this was not a very functional class.

Blizzard apparently agrees, and the Witch Doctor is getting tons of buffs and reworking. From what I'm reading from this post, the Witch Doctor will be an appealing class to play finally. I'm finally looking forward to trying it out.

So that's all for the class previews. Now we just have a post from the man himself, Jay Wilson, about magic find, and the patch notes of course.

As an aside, the patch has been scheduled for "the 4th week of August." What that means is up for debate, since next week is the third *full* week, but the first week was only 3 days. My bet, with the frequency of these blog posts, is that 1.04 will hit next Tuesday when the servers go down for scheduled maintenance. This should not be taken as a guarantee by any means, just a prediction.

EDIT: It appears that this may be wrong. A community manager in the Diablo subreddit has said Jay Wilson's magic find post will be coming out next week. I guess they *could* post that one Monday and the patch notes Tuesday morning before the patch, but my prediction looks less likely.

So now the changes for all classes have been previewed, legendaries have been discussed, and the overall gameplay changes have been shown-- what do you think? Is this the patch that will fix vast amounts of the problems D3 players have been having, or will it still be the same?
And now, the Demon Hunter.

This is honestly the one I was looking forward to the most. I have a Demon Hunter at level 60 who's just sitting in Inferno and waiting because it got so frustrating to play. I was hoping for more details in this post, but it looks like things are going to be smoother sailing for him when I get back to him.
And now, the preview for improvements in the upcoming patch 1.04 for the Monk!

Looks like an across-the-board improvement. I can't wait to get in with my monk and cause some havoc. Again, like the Wizard, this wasn't as detailed as I would have liked, but it seems to be win-win.
Next up, the Wizard.

This one is getting a slight nerf to one skill, although the comments would have you believe it's the worst thing that's ever happened since the Holocaust. Honestly, it doesn't *seem* like that big a deal to me, but I have yet to play a Wizard, so I'm not sure.

It seems that every other rune that isn't the most widely used for each skill is getting major buffs though. This post seems less informative than the last, so I guess we'll have to wait for the patch notes.

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