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The Cheerful Ghost Blog is the place to find important site news and allows you to travel back through time to see how the site has evolved and read some of the most important and interesting articles and discussions!

I am very happy to be able to bring you the totally new and completely awesome new Cheerful Ghost Events! Cheerful Ghost Events is a system designed to make it easy to schedule games with your friends by:

  • Magically translating all events to your local time. Even if your friends live in Hong Kong and you live in Portland the event will show up translated for your local time.

  • Some online games allow 30 people to join, some are 1 on 1. We let you specify how many people can join your events and also show you how many spots are open for events you want to join.

  • After you create or join an event you can easily add it to your Smartphone or Google Calendar for a reminder.... Read All
comment sharing

After Travis posted about the new XBox One I commented in that post and realized I wanted to share the comment on Twitter. I didn't want to make up a post and then share that, I just wanted to share the comment in Travis post. So this evening I added a share button to the comments that allow anyone to get a URL that links back to any post comment. This lets you share any comment on the site you find useful. I have read some really epic comments on Slashdot and Reddit I have linked to and this allows you to do the same. But don't take my word for it, head into an active comment stream and check it out.

new event system - coming soon

For quite some time... Read All
Happy LIFE DAY... oh wait, er.

Happy Star Wars day everyone! I know its fairly cliche to say, but I really do have an unironic love for Star Wars. I hope that on this, one of the most sacred days in Geekdom you can do something Star Warsy and awesome.

Some ideas(not ordered for practicality):

  • Go to Antartica with a friend. One of you should partially freeze and then the other one can stuff the other one in a Polar Bear for warmth. This may be dangerous, so consult a wildlife specialist before you begin.

  • Step 1. Build a very large space station that looks like a Moon from a distance. Step 2. Put it in space. Step 3. Anger people such that they want to destroy it. In... Read All
What could this be?

We shall see.

Last night I went to OMSI After Dark. The After Dark events up the age restriction to 21 and serve some local beer and wine as well as some local delicatessen selections. They also have an area dedicated to local the local Portland gaming scene.

Last nights event featured a wall of retro games sponsored by Ground Kontrol and the upcoming Portland Retro Gaming Expo. Also showing was Guardian Games as well as the Portland Indie Game Squad. I was able to play a few awesome Indie Games from local PDX'ers such as Clobbr, Major Magnet and PewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPew.


The video featured above are peoples reactions to playing Clobbr. TOTAL SELF PROMOTION WARNING I am the... Read All
The original idea of Cheerful Ghost was simply a way to share your list of games with the world. As the idea evolved it became a place to tie all conversations about games together. It also started becoming more of an awesome game community and it evolved to what it is today.

As time has passed your game list has grown but I haven't done much to make your game list more exciting or something you might go back to curate. I have just launched the new GAME LIST 2.0 BETA and I seriously recommend you check it out.

new stuff:

  • Each of your games has a flow. Wishlist -> Own -> Backlog -> Playing -> Played -> Completed. Update right on the list and it magically... Read All
One task on my list for this month was to add in new Game Platforms to Cheerful Ghost in Linux, Mac and more. I also added the Platform sections so you can get a breakdown on the most popular games for those platforms.

Since the site's launch we imported our games list from various un-awesome sources. It required a ton of manual cleaning and pruning of bad games in the list. We also had to add a __TON__ of games by hand. So I retired the old game importing routines and started afresh. I also decided to ditch our old game list sources and go primary so we now import direct from Steam, Android Store, iOS Store and the Wii U. As new consoles are released ill add support... Read All

Since launching the site I realize the stuff I do might seem a bit out of reach to some. Over the last bit I have improved as a write and I am getting better at sharing content that people want to read. One thing that I started doing over the course of the site was to send interviews to people in gaming I respected. I was really nervous giving the first couple, but after that it got easier.

If you have been considering sending out a gaming related interview, I recommend you do so and as such want to help the process for you. I have a few thoughts that might things a bit easier so you can publish your first interview.

whom to talk to?

First off you might have an idea of... Read All
Just curious what everyone is playing right now?

What I have been playing over the last few days:

  • Spaceward Ho on my iPhone

  • FTL

  • Age of Empires Online
Today I launched the first pass at "ULTRA DELUXE SUPER-ENHANCED PLATFORM SUPPORT HD!" Which is to say, Game Platforms on Cheerful Ghost are now first class citizens.

Click around on the site and you will not see platforms as clickable tag links. Clicking a Platform tag will take you to the new Platform pages. Each Platform has its own page and a few bits of interesting data on it like a Wikipedia reference link as well as the most popular games the site has in reference to it.

Some platforms have a ton of games and some are very new and have only a few. Ill be working over the next bit to flesh out these pages even more with a description and other bits.

... Read All