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I think the new site re design is going well and decided to create the video showcasing a bit about it. The new design isn't a totally new shift, its a evolution and I think is an improvement over the original.

Sound off the in comments with your thoughts. I plan on starting the work to integrate the new design into the site soon so get your feedback in!

The video quality isn't stellar, for a higher res screenshot of the new design clicky click:
In keeping with the spirit of the very infrequent "State of the Ghost" posts I add yet another to the mix. Going forward I plan on doing about 4 a year talking about the nuts and bolts of what's going on and what we have brewing on the site.

Overall I am really happy with how far Cheerful Ghost has come since I launched the site this year in January. Ill paint a larger picture at the year end with how far we have come, but needless to say I am really proud of Cheerful Ghost as it sits today. Since the site is still so young if you have any suggestions or recommendations forward I would love to hear them.

Last month I added a lot of stuff to Cheerful Ghost to clear out... Read All
Wanted to wish everyone a safe Halloween, especially everyone with an increased Hurricane quotient this holiday! I have collected a bunch O links of various Halloween bits from sites around like Reddit. I am lumping them together in one post because I find 1000 of these posts to be a bit on the annoying side. All together now.

Video game inspired Pumpkin Carvings:

Borderlands 2:
Mario Bob-omb:
Borderlands Gun:
Mario Himself:
Mario Goomba:... Read All

A few weeks ago I was able to volunteer at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo and during my time I met the awesome guys that run the podcast "Watch Out for Fireballs!" Watch out for Fireballs! is a cool retro themed podcast that covers topics close to our hearts like Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Bionic Commando, Secret of Mana, Earthbound and the recent episode on Super Mario World.

The most recent episode is interesting in that it features a plethora of stories and opinions on the fantastic Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo. They set up a TV and SNES playing Super Mario World and recorded people's thoughts on the game. I point this all out, not only because it is... Read All
When I found out Portland had a Retro Gaming Expo I had to be part of it. To hang out with other like minded geeks and talk about some of the coolest things ever made? I had to do it.

Originally I wanted to volunteer up a storm and hang out the entire weekend, but things being what they are starting a new job, I couldn't commit to the full schedule. I had a few hours today(Saturday) and I was able to help out. When I arrived at 8.30 AM people were already lining up and I was excited to see so many people in attendance. I wasn't sure what to expect as it was my first year and I was happy to see so many happy geeks in lines.

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Dear PAX,

Yep. That's me up there lounging in a Riot Games bean bag chair watching a few League of Legends tournaments. PAX, you are big. You have attracted every kind of geek imaginable. You are the first video game convention ive attended and you are intense.

We met up with a few friends of @chowda and that was fun to meet some new people. They had attended PAX a few times previously and gave us a few tips. One such tip was that you would stand in many lines. I am not sure I have had feet as sore as this and ive back-packed around Italy. I just might be getting too old or something..... :D (the morning line up)

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Leaving for PAX Prime in Seattle tomorrow. Reading over the presentations and noting which ones I want to attend:

"Story Time with Ted Price"
"The Double Fine Adventure Adventure"
"Assassin's Creed III PAX Prime Panel"
"Epic Games Presents: Fortnight Reveal"
"Behind the music of blockbuster video games"
"After notch the new minecraft team"
"Which Interactive Lie Did I Tell: A conversation on game writing with Chet & Erik of Valve Software"

I plan on hitting up others but these were the ones that stood out to me.

According to Bethesda Doom 3 BFG Edition will be playable as well as Departed. Gearbox will be showing Borderlands 2 as well so I will have much to write... Read All
Tungsten recently mined out the ground under the new user house in our Cheerful Ghost Terraria game. WhiteboySlim, panickedthumb and I are marveling at its awesomeness.

Check it out for yourself, in the caverns under the newb house. Thanks Tungsten, its rad.

For more information on how you can play Terraria with us:

Happy Retro Tuesday!
Join The Cheerful Ghost Terraria Game Starting this Thursday!

To celebrate this retro Tuesday, WhiteboySlim and I had an idea. Lets run a Cheerful Ghost Terraria server for two weeks and kick it all off this Thursday @ 8pm PST. If you are a Terraria newb or long time player, feel free to join us. Ill be in game explaining the ropes to new people as I build my house and start a mine. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.

The Main Details:

When: Cheerful Ghost Terraria starting this July 26th @ 8PM PST

Where: The game will be accessible @ port 7777.

How long? This server will last two weeks. This is to see how it went... Read All