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Hello all,

We come to you today with some awesome news about the future of the site. Effective immediately Cheerful Ghost has been acquired by CBS Interactive. In the coming weeks, we will be moving the site over to CBS Interactive’s server farm, and a few of us will be moving into the Gamespot offices.

We will be incorporating many useful features from Gamespot’s network, including the awesome reviews and GameFAQs forum integration! This will push the Cheerful Ghost community forward with trusted reviews and the friendliest forum around.

We do need to point out some other changes to how we operate.

  • Non-paying customers will be limited to two comments per day.

  • The... Read All
We launched a revamp to everyones Profile page as per the list of features we had slated to release this month. The new design is much more distinct than the old one and highlights certain things the old profile page didn't. If you are new to the site, this might be what you are used to, but for people that have been on the site for longer this will be a pretty big departure.

A few examples to look through: (the avatar alone is worth the price of admission)

We also now have a much better feedback form now. The old one was simply a Google Doc Form that backended to a... Read All
My first day at GameStorm was great. Its nice to come to an event by Geeks for Geeks. If you love playing RPG's, Board Games, Miniatures or Collectible Card Games GameStorm is your jam. I do and it was fun to sit down and play some games I wasn't previously exposed to. After my first panel(more on that later) I hit up the floor and settled on playing Steve Jackson's Revolution! Revolution! is a game where you try to coerce the town such that your influence spreads such that you gain the towns support for your revolution. I was mesmerized by the bidding and strategy process so much that I forgot to expand my influence in the city. I was spending time reading the table,... Read All
I just rolled out a new feature many of you have been asking for called "post tracking." Post tracking is the star to the right of the comment button. The star lets you know by it being highlighted or not if you are tracking a post.

If you track a post you will get notifications whenever anyone comments on the post. If you want to stop getting notifications on a post, click the star to stop tracking it.

If you create or comment in a post you will automagically track it.

Tracking specifies you and everyone else's interest in the post over time. You might be interested in a post in the beginning and over time might want to exit the conversation. You also might just want to... Read All
GameStorm is March 21st-24th at the Hilton in Vancouver Washington. I am going to be speaking on a few panels this year about some really cool topics. Ill also be frequenting the event over the weekend in between my panel time as well with my laptop hacking on Cheerful Ghost when I can.

If you are planning on attending GameStorm you should totally let me know so we can hang out. Plus this will be my first set of speaking engagements about Video Games since I launched the site.

The Panels I Will Be Part Of:

* What's On Kickstarter Right Now: Friday March 22nd @ 11am.
* Community Organizing: Friday March 22nd @ 3pm. ... Read All
The image above is pretty interesting in that if you compare it to the final state of our Terraria game, its a pretty awesome how far it progressed! In keeping with tradition, here is the world file for all of your archival needs:

I want to thank everyone for playing and it was the best run yet!
I am really excited to bring you guys a few new features today and as such wanted to talk a bit about them. So here goes...

Interviews: Interviews are becoming a big part of Cheerful Ghost and some people were having a hard time finding them. I added the interviews to the menu to give them more visibility and showcase more of what we do.

Anyone on the site can add "Interviews" to their list and contact a person or company in gaming to post. When I started the site I had never given an interview before and after a few, was able to make them great. So if you had an inclination to do an interview with someone about your favourite game or game company, I urge you to go for... Read All
After seeing some really cool 8 bit bead creations at a the Portland Retro Game Expo this summer, I decided the world needed a Cheerful Ghost. Spending a bit of time on it here and there I created a process to build the Ghost magnets and I think they turned out pretty well. Right now I am testing my latest magnet adhesive strategy on my fridge and these particular prototype revisions are holding up well.

Stay tuned over the next month for information on how you can put one of these awesome Ghosts on your fridge!
Come join the fun now!

The server is

Join the CheerfulGhost Steam Group chat room to get the password, or IM one of us on Steam.

Want to join us and don't have the game yet? Win it here:
I am going to run another Cheerful Ghost Terraria game server for us to all play starting next week on the 4th of February 6PM PST. We had such a fun time playing last time and I opened the game up recently and realized it would be run to play with people again.

Like last time I will keep the server up for three weeks and afterward hand out the world file so we can all have it for historical reasons. It will run 24/7 and be locked down for awesome Cheerful Ghost people like you and your friends. We only have a few simple rules, don't mess with other peoples stuff, no stealing, no greifing and have fun.

I created a new large world and the screenshot is above. Like last... Read All