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Today is the release of Starship Rubicon and I couldn’t be happier. When I talked to Wick about publishing the game I didn’t expect that it would evolve to what it is today. Releasing a game is new to us both and we are both excited about what comes next. Getting the game in the hands of gamers and giving it the widest exposure possible is our goal and it all starts with you. If you haven’t already, I urge you to pick up the game play it and let us know what you think. If you like it, share it with your friends.

We are happy to be selling Starship Rubicon on our website, and Desura. We will be working with other game stores to sell the game and if there are any... Read All

Hey Everyone,

I know everyone has been anticipating the launch of Starship Rubicon, I know I have. With that, the launch is so soon it might even be.... tomorrow? Incredible.

With that I wanted to deliver a bit of a bitter pill. Starship Rubicon will be coming out on PC and Mac as advertised but the Linux port is going to slip a bit. As someone that has been using Linux for 10+ years I am bummed. Wick and I wanted to launch with all three ports but due to technical stuff that is somewhat out of our control, we are going to launch with the Linux port next year. Again, as an avid Linux gamer that doesn't like to hear this kind of thing I really didn't want to have to do... Read All

I want to wish everyone(who celebrates) a very Cheerful Thanksgiving! Like many of you, I enjoy this time of year and it's demand I eat more stuffing than I should begging the question "who's the actual Turkey?"

If you wanted to stuff yourself on video games, checkout the latest Steam sale. It features some deep cuts on some great games like Portal 2, Harvester & Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake.

If you are looking for something to watch all day while you putter around the house, why not Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day? Joel has been dropping spoilers on social media bout the reboot and to start things off we got to see the bots!... Read All
Curious what everyone is playing right now? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

Games I am playing right now?

  • Starship Rubicon - We are in beta right now SQUEEEEE!

  • Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls - Before BlizzCon I decided to play this again and am having lots of fun.

  • Risk of Rain - I can now, most of the time, beat level one with an epic build. Level two kicks my ass. I heart you Risk of Rain, even though you are so very difficult.

  • Eldritch - Way more fun than I expected to have. It plays great with a keyboard & mouse and controller. The mood of the game is superb.

  • Earthbound - So fun, but I am taking forever to complete it.

What are you into right now? Anything... Read All

Last week we dropped the Greenlight for Starship Rubicon and we appreciate everyone checking it out. We wanted to get out a few videos showing off the game and are now releasing the all new gameplay trailer you can watch above. The gameplay trailer shows off the games randomized universe, ships, customization and even more gameplay! We are working hard to get the game out by years end so stay tuned and if you haven’t already, check us out on Steam Greenlight.

You can also pre-order Starship Rubicon too

Wanted to wish all the Ghosts a very Happy Halloween. ghost

If you see any fun game or movies related Halloween news, drop it in the comments(I know I will). In the recent Roundtable we talked about some fun Halloween films, on of them was Cabin in the Woods. The above video outlines most of the references to other horror movies in the film.

After spending the last few months polishing Starship Rubicon we are extremely excited to debut the game on Steam Greenlight. Wick and I are both huge Steam fans and as such if you would like to see Rubicon on Steam, we’d appreciate an upvote. We are also using the Greenlight to debut our new Rubicon Reveal Trailer featuring new gameplay footage!

So take a minute to head over to our Steam Greenlight page, give us an upvote and check out the new trailer and gameplay screenshots!

"In Starship Rubicon, Earth has been casually destroyed by a mysterious race of space-faring invertebrates. You are a fighter pilot... Read All
I spent this last Saturday at the Eugene IndieGameCon doing a split Cheerful Ghost and Starship Rubicon booth. Since Starship Rubicon is the first game Cheerful Ghost is publishing it makes sense to show the game at a booth together and this was the first time we did it. It's one thing having a table at an event for a video game community but it's something very different to show off a game. I was also really excited to see people responding well to the build of the game we had to show. After the first few people ran into a steep difficulty wall, Wick balanced the game and everyone that came afterward had a bit easier go of things. Some people did very well, some... Read All
I setup a new Steam Curation page with a few games I recommend people check out. In the future I plan on migrating awesome Steam game reviews to the page. So if you have been itching to review a cool Steam game, post it to the site and let me know about it and it may be featured on our Steam Curation page.
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