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Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday SPRIIIIIIGGGHTTT Happy Birthday to you!

Today Cheerful Ghost turns 4! 4 is one of those years where it feels like something substantial but it's not quite 5 years but we didn't just start yesterday either. As Cheerful Ghost hovers onward in 2016 I've really been enjoying this time in gaming and how we've all been talking about it together. PC gaming is incredible right now as we have an embarrassment of riches in Indie and Triple A games. Mobile has never been stronger with a wealth of great smartphone titles as well as 2D/3DS games and the Vita is there to give people some mobile Playstation enjoyment.... Read All
For the last couple years we've been going strong with the Cheerful Ghost Roundtable which is a monthly live stream video roundtable show where we talk about all manner of geekery and video games. Recently we've been advertising the livestream more and had a great time in the most recent episode about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I've also been doing more with video as seen in my recent interview with Wick as well as Let's Plays and Cheerful Ghost mini videos. I've updated our Cheerful Ghost YouTube channel, organized everything into tidy playlists and we just recently added our new YouTube channel art as seen above.

I want to thank Scrypt for working on the amazing... Read All
The results have been counted and the winners of the Cheerful Ghost 2015 Game of The Year Awards are:

Triple A Game of the Year

Winner: Fallout 4

Runner Up: Bloodbourne

Indie Game of the Year

Winner: Rocket League

Runner Up: Ark: Survival Evolved

Update of the Year

Winner: Terraria 1.3

Runner Up: Hearthstone Tournament of Champions / League of Explorers

Mobile Game of the Year

This year we have a tie for the winner of the Mobile game of the year in Monument Valley and Fallout Shelter!

Thanks to everyone that voted and here's to 2016 being a great year in gaming!
I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! As we are all hanging out online and in person I am wondering what games people are playing by themselves or with friends to ring in the new year? Fallout 4 counts just as much as drinking games so don't feel too shy here. Also curious what people want to see happen in gaming in 2016?
After taking nominations for our 2015 Cheerful Ghost Game of the Year awards here are polls to vote in. Please only vote once for each category and have fun!

We will tally the results on January 1st!

Triple A Game of the Year (Witcher 3, Bloodbourne, Fallout 4, Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void, Mario Maker):

Indie Game of the Year (Undertale, Ark: Survival Evolved, Rocket League, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Broken Age, Nuclear Throne, Talos Principle):

Update of the Year (Terraria 1.3, Hearthstone Tournament of Champions /... Read All
Here's hoping everyone had an amazing Christmas with lots of great family, friends, and food.

And, of course, swag. What was your gaming/geeky haul this year?

I'm not quite done (second family Christmas tomorrow) but on the category of things this crowd would be interested in, I got this badass Fallout Vault Dweller's Orientation Kit

And this shirt, which is my first Star Wars wearable.

Also I got some gift cards, and I'm going to buy a Steam Controller with some of the money from them.

I hope it was fun for everyone, and I hope the last few... Read All
I want to thank everyone that came to our booth at this years Portland Retro Game Expo. Wick and I enjoyed talking with people about the game and seeing what cool stuff people picked up. I also want to applaud the 6 winners of our ranked ladder, some of those scores were no small feat!

Portland Retro Game Expo is my favorite convention of the year because the community and vendors are so much fun. This year I came to the expo with a goal. Replace my broken Gameboy. Beforehand I made the choice to buy a Gameboy Advance SP as it plays original Gameboy games as well as advance games. The backlit display and nicer form factor make the Advance SP a much better Gameboy and... Read All
We recently finished up another Cheerful Ghost Terraria server, and here's the bounty.

First, we did the fifth server in a normal world.!HNYXiIgS!VIqHgXkBRw3GDIwMkOKJY3X27QYfWM8gXZX8ELNMxUQ

Then, we created a new world to try out Expert. Unfortunately I think we were getting burnt out on Terraria by then, so you can see that not much has been done in this world, but here it is if you'd like to play with it :D!fcZ2ySgS!vdtrodyiSw3Z5FFTSEJ_UvFHeVlOufYKQowmQ7uUExs

But wait, there's more! For a limited time (by which I mean, however long this website exists) you can catch up on all the worlds you've missed with the Cheerful Ghost Terraria... Read All
Hey Everyone,

Cheerful Ghost & Starship Rubicon will have a booth at this years Portland Retro Gaming Expo. This Expo looks blow the doors off the last one with over three thousand tickets already sold! They plan on even more people attended so if you want to lock in your ticket, click the link below. Wick and I have our new booth ready to go and are excited to have people check it out. We are also having a daily Starship Rubicon ranked ladder where the top 3 scored players will win a free copy of the game! So stop by, play the game to get ranked, grab a free sticker and remember that Wick loves selfies so make sure to ask him to take as many with him as you can!

I... Read All
Now that Starship Rubicon has been launched into orbit I want to focus some attention to Cheerful Ghost. As a community we've come really far on this current site and technology platform but I have some ideas on ways to improve things that should help us out quite a bit. Over the last couple months i've sent out some emails to community members where we've discussed ideas i've had but I want to now ask everyone together.

What kinds of things do you want to see Cheerful Ghost do? Is there something you do on the site now you'd like to see improved? Is there something you'd like us to get into? We are a community and as such i'd like to hear your ideas and work on the... Read All