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As Summer is now in full swing I am wondering what everyone is playing right now?

I play Hearthstone daily and am currently saving gold for the next 4 wings of the upcoming adventure. I'm also playing FTL, the new Doom and a iOS game called Gem Hunters.

Let me know in the comments what you are playing as well and if it's worth looking into!
Travis and I haven't been resting after we launched a new site revamp a couple weeks back and this evening we are launching a cool new top level feature called Giveaways. Giveaways are game contests that we will be running every now and again any registered Cheerful Ghost user can enter or run. If you see a game you want to win, click to join and you will be entered in the contest to be randomly selected to win!

It's also great in that anyone on the site can create a game giveaway for (mostly) and kind of digital game. If you have a few bundle keys or extra copies laying around your Steam inventory you can create a Giveaway contest! Giveaways work in conjunction with... Read All
Welcome to the new and improved Cheerful Ghost! Jon was looking for a more modern theme for the site, and I was happy to do it, partly because I had seen some things over the years that could be improved, and partly because I needed a client for one of my classes.

This has been an amazingly fun project, probably the most fun I’ve had on a site design yet. I’m very familiar with the site so I was able to envision ways to make some things work more smoothly, and design things to not get in the way of the reader. My chief goals were to modernize the site styles and make it look less like a Bootstrap theme.

Jon’s goals for the redesign were (again) to modernize the site... Read All
May the fourth be with us all and on this special day I recommend you start things right with this Best of Star Wars Spotify playlist. It features 23 John Williams cuts that will entertain your nerf herding ears.

Feel free to share any other fun Star Wars stuff you find today in the comments section of this post as I am curious what stuff yo all find.

It's important you take time out of your day to watch the video above. I know it might seem far fetched but Graham Putnam's video casts serious doubts on the story we've all been spoon fed. It's time we all woke up to this truth and this video deconstructs the administrations narrative and the key players involved. It's nice to know people like Graham can spend the time to research such an important topic and I urge you to watch this video before it is censored to keep it from spreading.
Greetings Ghosts,

I've been spending the last few weeks working on bug fixes and interesting new core features to Cheerful Ghost and I wanted to wrap up a patchlist for you all. This doesn't quite cover everything and some stuff my be so esoteric as to not be interesting but hopefully going forward I can keep posting changes in this form to keep you all updated as to what's been happening on the tech side of this site.

Patchset 3.11

  • Upgraded the core Rails framework for the latest security and bug fixes. I do this whenever I need to but a few came recently and we upgraded.

  • Upgraded to the latest jQuery 1.22.2 stable release branch. ... Read All
File this under "completely nerdy stuff no one may care about" but I've thought it would be interesting to post some of our website statistics for a month. This isn't to wreck privacy or anything, mostly to get a snapshot of the average Cheerful Ghost patron. For instance, did you know what the most popular web browsers Cheerful Ghost users use?

Well, now you do.

These statistics were from December 2015.


  • Each user hit 1.64 pages per session*

  • The average user session duration is about 1 minute and 49 seconds

  • The percentage of totally new users/sessions is 64.17% which means we have more new people looking around than site regulars

  • The top browser languages in order... Read All
Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday SPRIIIIIIGGGHTTT Happy Birthday to you!

Today Cheerful Ghost turns 4! 4 is one of those years where it feels like something substantial but it's not quite 5 years but we didn't just start yesterday either. As Cheerful Ghost hovers onward in 2016 I've really been enjoying this time in gaming and how we've all been talking about it together. PC gaming is incredible right now as we have an embarrassment of riches in Indie and Triple A games. Mobile has never been stronger with a wealth of great smartphone titles as well as 2D/3DS games and the Vita is there to give people some mobile Playstation enjoyment.... Read All
For the last couple years we've been going strong with the Cheerful Ghost Roundtable which is a monthly live stream video roundtable show where we talk about all manner of geekery and video games. Recently we've been advertising the livestream more and had a great time in the most recent episode about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I've also been doing more with video as seen in my recent interview with Wick as well as Let's Plays and Cheerful Ghost mini videos. I've updated our Cheerful Ghost YouTube channel, organized everything into tidy playlists and we just recently added our new YouTube channel art as seen above.

I want to thank Scrypt for working on the amazing... Read All
The results have been counted and the winners of the Cheerful Ghost 2015 Game of The Year Awards are:

Triple A Game of the Year

Winner: Fallout 4

Runner Up: Bloodbourne

Indie Game of the Year

Winner: Rocket League

Runner Up: Ark: Survival Evolved

Update of the Year

Winner: Terraria 1.3

Runner Up: Hearthstone Tournament of Champions / League of Explorers

Mobile Game of the Year

This year we have a tie for the winner of the Mobile game of the year in Monument Valley and Fallout Shelter!

Thanks to everyone that voted and here's to 2016 being a great year in gaming!

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