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Dig, fight, explore, build! Nothing is impossible in this action-packed adventure game. The world is your canvas and the ground itself is your paint.

At the end of last month Terraria came to the iPhone and iPad. 505 Games, the company that ported Terraria to iOS plans to bring the game to Android but right now, it's only available on Apple devices. Since I love Terraria and have an iPhone, I bought the game the second it dropped in the iTunes store.

I don't have much luck with games I love being ported to the iPhone. That said, 505 Games has really done a great job with the Mobile port as it really captures much of the fun of Terraria. My only major gripe is that the game is not quite as easy to control as the PC version, but its pretty damn good considering the touch only interface. But don't take my word for it,... Read All

I'd been considering Edge of Space for a while now, but this makes me want to check it out even more.

Premiering at PAX, some new content from Terraria will be hitting Edge of Space. The Skeletron boss, reimagined as Omegatron, will be coming in an update.

Those of you going to PAX (ahem, jdodson, scrypt), you have to play this and tell us how it looks!

It doesn't "officially" go live until tomorrow-- you can't find it by searching in the App Store on your iDevice right now, but you can download it now in iTunes and sync it up that way.

EDIT: No need to do this now, it's officially out!

Happy digging, fighting, and exploring!


Andrew Spinks recently gave an interview to the Terrarian Times, a news letter made by the Terraria community. On the question of the future of the game, Andrew had this to say:

"Following 1.2 I am wanting to do more frequent smaller updates until I am ready to move forward to my next project (Yes, Terraria 2). At that time I would definitely be open to the idea of hiring a small team to keep Terraria alive and kicking until T2 is ready.

Due to the current condition of Terraria there are a lot of things I cannot do that I will be bringing to Terraria 2. You can expect bigger and more diverse worlds, deeper rpg elements such as leveling, classes, skill trees, and a world... Read All

Gamespot got a showcase of Terraria mobile shown by David Welch of Re-Logic Games. The video shows off how the mobile version is setup and a few changes they made to make it feel better on mobile.

Fairly certain this is a day one purchase for me because Terraria is one of my most beloved games of the last few years and I would enjoy just a "fairly decent" version on mobile. From the video it looks like this might be a fun game to play on your phone but we will see how well it translates.

I can remember certain games that really defined times in my life. My first experiences with gaming were with Super Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong. Later on I was infatuated with The Legend of Zelda, so much so I would make my own maps of every secret I knew of. After that, Ninja Turtles and Metal Gear. When I got my Super Nintendo, Super Mario World and Link to the Past really hooked me. Then I discovered Koei games like Romance of the Three Kingdoms II & Genghis Khan Clan of the Grey Wolf. Then we got a PC and a new set of games came with it.

I have been thinking the last couple of days about what games have caught my fancy lately. I think this is a interesting... Read All

Instead of make a post per game update, I decided to condense them into one super post. This post covers updates for Terraria 1.2, Stardew Valley, Secrets of Grindea and Starbound. So lets hit it, shall we?

terraria 1.2

YouTube sensation ChippyGaming released the above Terraria 1.2 video featuring some new armor and dyes. He has access to the Terraria 1.2 beta and was planning on doing a series of spoiler videos, but due to some unfortunate communication with ReLogic, was only able to post the one video.

stardew valley dungeon crawling update

ConcernedApe posted a new update on Stardew Valley showing off some of the cave exploration parts of the game.

"As you explore the... Read All

Come one, come all, to the first Cheerful Ghost Release Day Betting Pool of Awesomeness (title subject to further scrutiny)!

From what we can tell, Terraria's 1.2 update, the biggest update yet, will be releasing some time soon. Scour the internet for all the tidbits of information you can find, and then make your guess. The winner will receive an awesome trophy on their profile for being the best guesser, and win the admiration and envy of many.

The rules are simple:
  • Simply comment on this post with your guess of when 1.2 will drop.

  • If someone has already chosen the same date, please pick another. Only the first occurrence of a date will count.

  • If an actual release... Read All

demilogic posted a new video update on Terraria 1.2 showing off smooth walking, new house roofs, armor, rock launchers, waterfalls, in game music, painting and more. The video also shows up the new in game mini-map.

"Preview for the slopehalfblockwaterfallpaintrocketlaucheromgwhatisthatthingeater'sbone 1.2 update. Also there is a minimap. The update is far from done, we are aiming for a July release. Thank you for your patience and continued support."

I will be running a Cheerful Ghost Terraria server when the 1.2 update drops in July so stay tuned!

New fan made Terraria 1.2 update video that QUICKLY runs through all the new confirmed stuff. So quickly that a lot of it is hard to parse but I caught most of it :D

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