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Released on December 31, 2013 by Re-Logic

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Dig, fight, explore, build! Nothing is impossible in this action-packed adventure game. The world is your canvas and the ground itself is your paint.

I'm not sure why, but before (in 1.2) I couldn't get Steam to capture a screenshot, so I windowed my game and used the Snipping Tool. Now it works and I thought I'd share my place, since Travis asked long ago. Feel free to notice my character. I found a Familiar Wig, Shirt, and Pants while exploring CGWorld3 and thought I'd equip them. These are the first vanity items I've used. The set makes my character look much more like him without armor. I don't know if that's a coincidence that the color of these items is either what my character has (without armor) or close. I've also experimented again with embedding the screenshot. I think it will work this time (if not I'll... Read All

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I haven't had much time to process the entirety of the 1.2.3 update but at first blush, it looks like the game just got Nerfed. I don't mind adding more progressing or making things a little less easy to get, but some of the changes in this patch hit me "in the feels."

Here are a few changes that I am not entirely in love with:

* Chlorophyte is slightly more rare and grows slower.
* Golden shower debuff time was reduced to 10 seconds..
* Golden shower now only penetrates 5 targets.
* Golden Shower now does slightly less damage.
* Lowered the damage of Chlorophyte Bullets.

Some changes I like:

* Plantera bulb's don't spawn until all 3 mech bosses are defeated.
* You cannot... Read All

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With Spectre Armor and Fairy Wings, my character now looks like a Cheerful Ghost. I decided to give magic a try. It took a little bit of getting used to and figuring out, but Spectre Armor along with a good wand (I have a nice Spectre Staff) make some fun. I'm not sure I can remember ever crafting a suit of armor that didn't have better defense than the one I was wearing at the time, except this time. So, I was concerned about losing a lot of defense, but it turns out that the magic can be quite helpful. Spectre Armor (http://terraria.gamepedia.com/Spectre_Armor) has a very nice set bonus of healing whenever magic damage is done. That means, I get to heal every time I... Read All

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I feel like I've reached the end of what I can do in Terraria, which does make me feel a little sad at the least. I've reached another difficult part of the game, one in which I need something new and better to continue. I did both the Pumpkin and Frost Moon events, which were difficult once the bigger mini-bosses came out. The Paladin in the Dungeon is also a difficult foe. I haven't searched thoroughly enough, but I'm pretty sure I can't get stronger armor or a stronger melee weapon. My best bet against these more difficult foes is probably magic and ranged weapons.

I really haven't even touched magic in the game. Sure, I tried out the Scythe drop from Demons in the... Read All

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So, I was able to upgrade to a Terra Blade. It's an interesting sword, in that it's a bit of a ranged weapon as well as melee. I can't at the moment recall what bonuses are on it or what the damage stat is, but it's better than the Corsair I've been using all throughout Hardmode. In fact, that Corsair was better than a True NIght's Edge and a True Excalibur. I was surprised!

I was finally able to defeat Plantera, The Twins, Skeletron Prime, and the Golem. I know the Terra Blade was very helpful, especially helping me defeat those pesky bosses who wouldn't allow me within range to hit them with my sword before. They couldn't escape the power of the Terra Blade.... Read All

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I think there are numerous things for me to report. I'm not sure where to start exactly. Luckily, I just received my first Broken Hero's Sword, so I can make a True Excalibur. It seems I'm going to need two more so I can make the True Night's Edge and Terra Blade. Right now, my defense is 80 and my Corsair has a damage stat of 69, I believe. I noticed that when I put on the Turtle Armor, my defense was 65, I expected it to increase since I have other accessories boosting my defense and the Turtle Armor has a defense of 65. I'm not sure when both stats, my defense and my Corsair's damage stat, changed, but I was glad that my defense changed (for the better). I'm not so... Read All

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After finally defeating the Wall of Flesh, my first little world has ventured into Hardmode. It's definitely hard! Although the level of difficulty has increased (due to stronger monsters), I feel like I'm enjoying my first little world all over again. After destroying three Demon Altars, I began my hunt for Cobalt, Mythril, Adamantite, and Crystal Shards. As you may have noticed, I have found enough Cobalt to upgrade my armor, which is blue and therefore I love it. I am now searching for Mythril to upgrade my armor yet again (I definitely need better armor in this world now). I had to upgrade my pickaxe. With my new Molten Pickaxe, I'm now able to mine Cobalt. Along... Read All

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So, in the comments of my last post, I told you I figured out that the reason the Goblin Tinkerer and Mechanic didn't respawn in my house when I found them (and then they died) was because I didn't create rooms properly. Luckily, after figuring that out, both have respawned. Unfortunately, I thought (well hoped before really reading the Wiki thoroughly enough) that the Tinkerer Workstation would allow me to combine some of the items I had. It apparently only works with certain items. Bummer.

So, when I began to play Terraria, I decided to create a small world, since I was just beginning. Now I'm thinking of making a new world, either medium or large. It made sense at... Read All

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Having a gaming blog is now my new "thing." I've always considered myself a writer and one of the things I want to do with my gaming blog is to write about my experiences in the games I play (basic and "goes without saying," I know). That said, you can expect to see lots about Terraria as I've been playing it lately. I also intend to write about Pokemon X, which I've been playing and enjoying as well.

So, during my visits to the Underworld, I noticed Shadow Chests, which require a key to open. I looked on the Wiki and found out that those keys are in the Dungeon. I tried to get into the Dungeon, but was killed by the Dungeon Guardian. I, again, looked on the Wiki and... Read All

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Recently, I successfully beat The Brain of Cthulhu after making Crimson Armor (http://terraria.gamepedia.com/Crimson_Armor) and a Blade of Grass (http://terraria.gamepedia.com/Blade_of_Grass). It was a tough battle. I've only beaten this boss once and I stopped trying once I did. I fought it probably 3 or 4 times in total. I was afraid that I'd end up destroying all the demon hearts and wouldn't be able to summon it again, but luckily there are still some left. In the battled I used an Eggnog (to boost all stats) and a Thorns potion (because it runs into you).

After that battle, I thought "what next," and it was suggested that I get Molten Armor (... Read All

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I've been playing Terraria a lot lately and I intend to write much more about it. For now though, I think I'm going to try posting more of what's going on (for me) in the game here. For now, I'm going to start out with last night and recent events. First, I thought I found a bug in the game after the new Holidays update. When I get presents, they are stored in one box in the inventory. What is inside the present doesn't show up until I right-click the present (or presents) and exit the inventory. This does not function as it previously did when the presents seemed to only contain candy can blocks, where as a right-click opened the present and showed its contents... Read All

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This video shows a preview of some of the things coming to Terraria in the Christmas update, which should be hitting on December 20. I dunno about you, but I'm really looking forward to the Santank boss.

A PSA: If you launch Terraria now, the old Christmas event is going on. It starts every year on December 15. Don't be disappointed by the lack of new content-- it's coming!

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Our 3rd Cheerful Ghost Terraria server just came to a close and I was a bit sad to see it go. I had a great time spelunking through the new 1.2 content with Travis, WhiteboySlim and jaelte! This server was different in that it went much longer than any we'd had previously as we spent much more time in hardmode and exploring all of the 1.2 content. One thing the 1.2 update did well was make hardmode much more interesting and gave us lots of reasons to keep advancing and work together.

It's no secret one thing I loved in the 1.2 update were the new bee hives & queen bee fight. I also really appreciate the new Crimson and increased usefulness of the Jungle, Dungeon... Read All

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505 Games dropped some info on the official Terraria forums yesterday.

First off, the mobile versions of Terraria now have multiplayer over Wifi, along with a few bug fixes.

Secondly, the console versions of Terraria have been updated with a few items from the 1.2 update, as a teaser for the full update which will be coming to consoles early next year.

I'd personally love to see Ocram show up in the PC version. I've played the Terraria demo on PS3 and, while it was a perfectly serviceable port, I much prefer the PC version and would love for everything to reach full parity in terms of items and enemies.

More details here: ... Read All

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When Terraria 1.2 released we immediately created a Cheerful Ghost Server and so far, I am loving the new 1.2 update. @WhiteboySlim and I discussed the game in our recent Roundtable episode 6, but I wanted to write a bit about how the game has gone since. Specifically the new hive mechanics and addition of the Queen Bee boss fight.

Over the last few days we have been mining the hive and creating Queen Bee spawn items. I have really enjoyed this process and it has given us a ton more reasons to hang out in the Jungle. In Terraria pre 1.2 you would basically explore the jungle, get some items and never have a reason to return. With the new hive mechanics, Queen Bee... Read All

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