My Town 2 is a simple freemium mobile game I play from time to time. Its kind of like Sim City but since its a freemium Tiny Tower like game, time is a factor and you can purchase in game currency to speed things up.

I wanted to post an recent image of my town "Mos Eisley" above and let you know a secret I found. I don't believe you need to build roads in My Town 2. I mean, you can in fact build roads but I haven't built any roads at all save what came with my town and nothing bad has happened.

I believe roads are simply for looks because none of my citizens or businesses suffer because I don't build roads. One benefit to not building roads is you have more room to build... Read All
For all you math nerds out there.
Todays shirt woot is pretty awesome.

Yeah I am pretty crazy excited for this game. Barb looks awesome.

I will use this here site to let yall know when ill be on and how the games with people I play go. A few people on the site will be playing with me, so very excited.

Talked to one such person today about the lull in great games out now. I agreed, the games that have come out recently haven't been too exciting. Maybe we are missing something awesome?

A few people have mentioned to me that its not straight forward how to get your imagery from your games to upload to the web and share on Cheerful Ghost.

Recently I created a blog post about it, check it out:

Long and short of it, nab your screen-shots, pics, etc and upload them to Its the easiest way to upload your images on the web. Imgur is popular on Reddit and other social sites.

Hope you find this helpful, I used imgur to upload my own personal imagery for quite a few of my posts.
Often times board games don't translate well to digital. Haven't played a Monopoly game I liked on the computer yet. That said, some games are simple enough to translate really well digitally and on mobile such as Ticket to Ride Pocket.

Ticket to Ride is a board game where you play one of a few railroad barons that are trying to build rail roads across the United States. At the start you pick routes and then compete with other players for completing your routes and getting points. If you are blocked and can not complete a route it counts negatively against your score. There are more rules, but thats it in a simplistic form.

The board game is a favorite amongst my wife... Read All

Recently watched a video talking about the Diablo 3 beta on Slashdot.

Its a bit dry but found the content interesting and afterward was really excited to play it. Originally I wanted to play as a Demon Hunter when I started but the reviewer seemed to think it wasn't quite up topar with the other classes. From his description I may try the Witch Doctor for my first play through.

May 15th can not come soon enough!
Good Old Games is offering the original Fallout for free for the next 48 hours:

While you are adding that to your account, grab all the other free GoG games:

I picked up Empire Earth free a few months back and this is just as cool. Enjoy!
Farside from the early 90's.
Check out this cool article on The New York Times called "Just One More Game ...
Angry Birds, Farmville and Other Hyperaddictive ‘Stupid Games'

Yeah ok the name isn't great, but its an interesting article. Also interesting is the HTML5 game on the page. Play it. Its a very fun idea.

PS I love silly and addictive games, they are awesome.

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