As I type this I can't get into Diablo 3. I moved from a state where I was understanding of Blizzard to making the choice to make Diablo 3 a multiplayer game to thinking, maybe they bit off a bit more than they should have with Diablo 3. Perhaps its too much for them to handle because Ive spent more time thinking about outages than playing Diablo 3. Currently at 9.30PDT they are undergoing emergency maintenance:

I hope they clean these issues up pretty soon. That said, when I was in game it was flawless and smooth. Its just the hours of downtime that is a problem. After all this clears up, expect more detailed posts... Read All
I've been playing portal maps and mods for a while. I am happy to attempt to contribute some of my own puzzles with the release of Portal 2's Perpetual Testing Initiative. I've completed two maps so far and am enjoying the process. It's a unique kind of puzzle itself trying to create these puzzles: making the map intuitive enough, making sure the player can't get stuck, watching for unintended solutions, etc. It's a lot of trial and error, but I'm enjoying it. Please let me know what you think of my first two efforts. Thanks!

"Flying is Easy..."

Description: "This is my first map. It should be relatively... Read All

Totally worth 99 cents. Nice weapons, fun armor, and I've actually become a little strategic in how I'm swiping/sword-fighting. Excellent graphics, even for my fading mid-40s eyeballs. I'm not a hardcore gamer, so some of the actual advantages and disadvantages of mastering objects and leveling up took a while to figure out, but it was worth it.

Three UFIA and a knuckle (out of five).
Its 12.29am Tuesday May 15th and is down for maintenance. Error 37, servers are busy abounds and people are mad complaining right now. One of my friends said his pal connected and tried retrieving the character list and it was so slow.

Apparently the amount of traffic is DDoSing the servers. But its a good kind of DDoS because they are all paying customers. Going to stay up a little longer to see how bad this get? This feels like people won't be playing for another few hours, but I have absolutely no idea how many people are trying to play? A few million? I guess that would cause some issues but doesn't Blizzard have 10 million WoW players?

Oh a tip... Read All
Here we are on the eve of the Diablo 3 launch. I am not sure I have anticipated a launch quite as eagerly as this one. I kept hitting the refresh on my Amazon package track and was really excited it moved 30 miles. Yeah, its like that for me.

If all goes well I may head to 12p line at a Best Buy with a friend that wants to pick it up tonight. Ill take pictures and all that, hopefully there is a nerd rush and someone mistakes the event for a Pretty Petz 2 launch. "Wait, you mean this isn't Catz 4 Back in Mittens launch line? OH MAN!" Or maybe thats what I will say.... Hmmmm.

Anyways, as always here is a few Diablo 3 news bits for your consumption. Don't joy puke early,... Read All
I created another Portal 2 map: "Levels be Three Let them Be."

Not entirely sure what the name means, but it sounded good to me.

Its a bit more puzzley than my first map and it requires you to use one cube the entire map, which is kind of neat. Been spending quite a bit of time playing other peoples Portal 2 maps and building my own. This is my second map and as such spent more time decorating it than the first map. Trying to place the observation rooms and lights such that the test chamber doesn't look bare. Also pushing up single blocks and putting a light on top to make things look a bit more natural. I like the way it all turned out.

The map description:

"Run, jump and... Read All
First one I actually felt was worth publishing. Let me know what you think.

Really happy with the editor, but here and there you play one that you know was done in Hammer and it's a major difference. Apparrently there is a way to set up your map in this editor and then export it to Hammer for finishing touches (non-flat surfaces, different texture sets, scripting capabilites). If you want to see what I mean, check out the "Decay" Maps in the workshop.
I just made and published my first Portal 2 map called "The Joys of the Underground." The new Portal 2 map editor is pure awesome. I haven't had this much fun making maps since Wolf 3D. For the first 45 minutes I was just building things, then I started pushing out walls and built a huge chamber. 3 hours later "The Joys of the Underground" was complete.

Let me know what you think. The map isn't hard but it is pretty fun and I LOVED creating it. I will be making more maps for certain. Making a map creator tool that doesn't take a PHD to use is nice.

2K just dropped two gameplay videos for Borderlands 2. They handed out the same gameplay footage to all the big game news sites and then the news sites commented over the footage. The above video is IGN's take on the siren video drop. Some interesting footage of the class.

2K also release some footage of the gunzerker:

The game looks mad epic. Can't wait for Clap-Trap to bring the wub wub. This is a game I will pre-order and nab on the PS3. What will you play it on? Are you going to pick it up?

One minor gripe from the IGN video commentary: "How many times do you need to mention Borderlands is like Diablo?" Yeah, we got it when... Read All

Anyone here making portal maps? Apparently there are already 35,000 of them. I might try to put one together this weekend (or next... who know's when I'll have the time). I'll link it if I get it together.

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