iD Software is celebrating Wolfenstein 3D's 20th birthday today. As such they are releasing it for free on a few platforms as well as dropping the prices for a few other game packs on Steam:

How to Play:

Play the game in your browser now for free:

Download the game now for free on iOS:

Wolf Pack for $3.75 (75% off of Steam) — includes Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Spear of Destiny, and Wolfenstein 3D:

id Software Super Pack for $49.99 (50% off) — includes so many games, you should just visit Steam to get the lowdown:
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Wondering if one should buy this. You know, I don't entirely mean me, you know its for someone I know. He is a big dork and loves this stuff.


My friend likes Ninja Turtles AND Mario. Too much awesome in one shirt? Possibly.

I have so much Diablo news I am going to break it out into a few posts over a day or so. The above linked video is a 5 minute recap of the Diablo story till now. If you are interested in a 50 foot view of Sanctuary and the sordid history of Tristram and why you shouldn't build your city right next to the place you imprison one of the main prime evils, check it out!

Blizzard recently blogged a Diablo 3 launch day preparation guide:

They are missing some off my Diablo 3 prep list:

1. Come up with a good fake illness to call in to work with.
2. Stock up on dollar store 5 hour energy(the real ones are expensive yo!) for the 16 hour blitz... Read All

In the totally awesome news camp, looks like PixelJunk is having a 5th anniversary sale. Today until May 15 they are selling Racers, Monsters, Eden and Shooter for $1 each! PixelJunk Shooter 2 and SideScroller are both half-off for $5.

Looks like a good excuse to pickup PixelJunk Monsters as I loved the demo and never pulled the trigger on the full game.

You going to pick any of these up?
I picked up Uplink as part of a Humble Bundle. It reminded me of the "Hacker War" type games I played on the BBS'es of yore back in High School. The premise is that you are a hacker and start with a few bucks and take on assignments to hack systems and get money to upgrade your computer to hack into more difficult systems. I guess all that to say is that its a text based computer hacking RPG. And... its fun.

I created an account and the tutorial allowed me to make a few hacks easily enough. I found the UI of the game to be a bit confuzzling a few times. Its not hard to navigate after you figure it out. The game UI is essentially a re-visioned Operating System UI similar... Read All
State of The Ghost: 2.0

A semi regular list of things happening on Cheerful Ghost. Served up with an extra dose of rad-sauce.

New Faces on Cheerful Ghost:

In the last few days our community size has increased by 15% and Google tells me that the amount of new users on the site VS people that come back all the time is now a 50/50 split. That means for every two people that come to Cheerful Ghost one of them has never come to the site before.

I recently added a new feature to the site to help bring more people to the community as well. On the main home screen there is a button "Invite Your Friends" that you can use to easily send invitations to join Cheerful Ghost. I upped... Read All

Decided to try many of the PS3 game demos I have had on my system for a bit and PixelJunk SideScroller was one of the good ones I played. Think Gradius meets Space Invaders meets beautiful graphics.

I wasn't good enough in my first play through to beat the demo but I will go back and play it again because its just so much fun. The graphics and play controls are really great. You can switch between three weapons to start off. The machine gun is your typical arcade space ship weapon, fast bullets to kill bad guys. You can use a laser that takes time to recharge but can cut through ice, which is useful when you have to move through big blocks of ice. The other weapon you... Read All
Hey everyone. I just thought I'd let all you Steam users out there know that we've started an official Steam group for the site. Head over and sign up.

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Behold The Wonder of Terraria 1.4!

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