Any of you MMOers out there... do you think your game would let this happen?

Ever since I first heard about it, EVE has tempted me. I don't really have the time, and I doubt I could really pull off explaining the monthly subscription to my wife, but a game where this happens sounds... entertaining. All of the other games try to make you "believe you are part of a larger world." Well, guess what: this game actually let's you interact with everyone and change the world, even if it's for destructive purposes Just like the real world.

Guys. Holy crap. It's not like this is my first foray into Steam. I've been using it for simpler games for ages now, but I'm more into it since I'm playing more "serious" games on it.

But I *just* finally decided to see what pressing shift+tab to access the Steam community did. That thing is badass. You can get a full tabbed browser in your game as you're playing it.

Why had I never checked that out before?
Looks like the Diablo 3 free beta weekend blew the doors off a bit:

"Diablo 3's weekend beta went about as smoothly as a hamster in a ball rolling down an erupting volcano – which is to say it was completely normal for a high-profile beta test. Saturday saw a peak of 300,000 concurrent players, Blizzard community manager Micah Whipple (Bashiok) tweeted, reporting the full number of testers for the weekend was "a lot.""

Friday night was quite laggy, Saturday was better but was out of commission until 9.50am. Some of my friends on Mac had the game crash a few times. My Windows client was stable but lagged out a bit. On Sunday was pretty... Read All

Valve will finally release the Portal 2 simplified level editor and rating system May 8th! Looks like it will be free DLC for all PC players and there is no word on it coming to consoles. Awesome.

I don't generally do much in the area of level editing but I plan on giving this editor a spin as it looks pretty straight forward to use. I picked up the PS3 version and that came with a free steam copy. Its cool they are releasing this so far after launch!

Phoronix has confirmed that Steam is going to be released on Linux:

Direct from the article:
"For those that have doubted the exclusive Phoronix claims for quite a while now that the Steam client and Source Engine are in fact being ported to Linux, the doubts can be nearly laid to rest. Even I began to wonder how long it would take before the clients for their popular games would be publicly released under Linux. However, after confirming the information perhaps a bit too soon, their level of Linux interest is much more clear after spending a day at their offices. A meeting topped off... Read All

This is a fun version of trivia and getting to know your fellow members. Sometimes it helps to look at the date of the source, as some answers are outdated. Again this is fun and not to difficult.

This is a fun two player game. The strategy is fun while the limited amount of rules make is simple and challenging.
Just played a bit of Tribes: Ascend. It's pretty cool. It rides the line between chaotic and smart well. It's almost like a first person SSX with guns. it has this skiing mechanic that becomes natural after just a few minutes, and I think it might make other shooters seem hobbled in comparison.

Check it out. If you do, I'm TungstenSt4

EDIT: Did I mention it's free?

If anyone hasn't played Dead Space 1 or 2 (I haven't either), it's really cheap right now on Steam. $10 for both!

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Get Minecraft For Windows 10 For Free

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"You Are Nothing But a Usurper, A False Idol." The New Doom Eternal Trailer Rips!


"You Are Nothing But a Usurper, A False Idol." The New Doom Eternal Trailer Rips!

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