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A great, simple android version of the classic Risk game. You can play against up to 6 players computer or human. In the free version you're passing the phone back and forth, but it's still fun. My 11 year old daughter, who's never played Risk (I know, I've failed as a parent) loves this game too.

There's a Skynet option, which makes the computer more likely to attack humans. I've not tried it on that mode yet. I don't want my phone learning how I attack...

This is a great video on so many levels. Don't watch if you're easily offended though lol.

Totally brings back the Sega Genesis vs Super Nintendo debate.

I added it under Altered Beast because it's shown in the video.

Turns out I "beat" Skyrim a couple months ago! I've been playing side quests, and the story didn't feel like it was progressing anymore, so I googled "Skyrim Main Quest" to see where I was, I found out that it's already "over" lol. I'm still enjoying it, but kinda disappointed that that's all there is... totally looking forward to Dawnguard now! Just applied to get the Beta!

I always wait a few years before checking out a sports game, because they're generally the same year to year, but I'm looking forward to this one, to see the new changes.

Supposedly, the sound is going to be dramatically improved, from the commentators, to the crowd noises, to the quarterback audibles. The passing game has been refined with better ball placement of your throw, different throwing styles (a new shovel pass should be interesteing) and over 430 catching animations. There should also be better and truer AI. Defensive players will react to the ball if they're looking in that direction, but won't psychically know where to run to.

For all the known updates check out

Also, most importantly, Tebowing is included! (Or as my mom calls it "Doing The Tebow.")

Skyrim! I'm sorry sorry I've been neglecting you! But I've more than made up for it this weekend so far.

I had gotten to what I thought was a lull in the game, and work/life got crazy busy, so I took a couple months off from gaming, but man, I picked it right back up Friday night and into Saturday morning!

This game just keeps getting better! Tons of story lines going on right now. I actually felt bad today because I'm an assassin (along with so many other things lol) and I was sent to kill this old guy. He knew I was coming, so he just turned around and let me kill him... so after I killed him I killed the guy who paid me to kill him ;)

I'm pretty sure everyone on this site knows who Link is, and who Zelda is, but, here's a chick dressed up as Link playing a rad medley of songs from the Zelda theme. Beautifully shot as well. Enjoy!
Such difficult names...

Google Maps 8-Bit! This is both hilarious and rad. (Blow on the cartridge!)

Sure, this game was impossible without the Konami Code, but still, this song brings back fond memories...

Playing through the game, and doing a lot of side quests, the game almost felt *too* big to do what I really wanted it to: a full scale war.

Now things have happened, and the war is in motion!

(Trying to not give any spoilers!)

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