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Hey guys, I've been recently been busy playing World of Tanks, A free online game in which two teams of tanks from the WW2 era face off against each other. This game is pretty damn awesome. Probably one of my favorite games right now.

The game is set up to where you start with a beginner tank from each of the countries in the game. These countries include Germany, USA, China, Russia, France, and Great Britain.Each country has its own unique tanks in which you can play as. To get these tanks you must advance through a tech tree by earning experience in battles. Each country really has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some countrys have better heavy tanks and some have better tank destroyers. Not just that but each country's tanks go down to very great detail. All the tanks are designed to have certain weak points in their armor and certain points which they are much more heavily armored, such as the front.

The game is fairly realistic in the way tanks shoot and how the bullets penetrate armor. Bullets can penetrate but not cause damage, they can also ricochet off if the armor is too thick. Now, I'm not certain about this but if the bullet hits a sloped area on the armor, it seems to increase the chance of ricocheting off. Also, you can damage certain parts of the tank like its treads to stop it from moving. This can be a good strategy against tanks that do not have a full 360 degree turret as it allows you to move behind them.

I would highly recommend this game. I've been having a lot of fun with it and would enjoy to play with some of you guys. Its much better when you can communicate better and set up some tactics. The game allows for Clan battles so it would be possible to set up a Cheerful Ghost clan and maybe fight some other clans. You can also platoon with another person(or 2 if you buy premium) and just join random matches with your comrade.

Hopefully I'll see you guys on the battlefield!
The Walking Dead, by Telltale games, is a point and click adventure game based on the comics by Robert Kirkman. The series on AMC is also based on the same comics as the game. The game follows a character named Lee Everett through the zombie apocalypse. You go through the game making extremely tough decisions for Lee that will later effect how others view you and even who lives or dies.

I picked this game up during the autumn sale on steam wanting to give it a try. This game completely blew me away, I'm so glad I bought it. My first playthrough took about 11 hours which I spaced out over about 3 days. The game's story is very well written and there are plenty of instances where the saying "Fight the dead, fear the living" comes into play. The game does a really good job of portraying the strains of an apocalypse on the everyday person from finding food and water to coping with the loss of loved ones. The game had a huge emotional impact on me. You learn to love the characters and watching them die invokes the worst of feelings. You also feel sorry for those who have lost the ones they love.

All in all, I would give this game a 10/10 cowbells. I am definitely going to be playing through it a few more times.

This is a quick ~7 minute video showing off my minecraft world. I've only been playing on the world for a few hours so there isn't much to show. I just wanted to document the changes from beginning to end of my minecraft world. Plus, this will help me start my youtube channel off. I've been really wanting to start recording LP's and such for youtube but haven't been able to get it up and running. Mainly because I have been displeased with a lot of the recordings I have done.

My voice is kinda quiet in the video, my apologizes. I forgot to increase my mic before starting. So yeah, listen carefully or just turn the volume up.

Please leave some critique. I would really appreciate it. I want to be the best I can at this, so I won't mind some critique. That doesn't mean slam my video though

Thank you guys!
So, today a friend gave me a key to the War Z beta. I had hopes that this would be a good experience but didn't really think the game was going to be amazing. Now, I realize this is in beta and they still have a lot of changes to make, but I feel like its almost too late for some of the issues.

First off, the animations are dreadful. Running and jumping throughout the game just makes me laugh because the animations are just THAT bad. It makes me not able to take the experience, a game like day z has or war z should have, seriously. I feel like the game should have a serious, life or death, feeling to it, but it doesn't. Its just a laughable clone of day z that can't be taken seriously.

Second, the building and towns. Almost every single town in the map is exactly the same and has the same buildings with the same layouts. There was almost no effort in making the map feel dynamic. If you didn't start out with a map, it would be impossible to tell a town apart from another besides for the surrounding hills and trees. This makes the experience very dull and repetitive.

Lastly, the game in general. There is nothing in the game that makes me think of it as an independent game. I feel as though almost every aspect has been stolen from the day z mod. There is zero creativity involved in this game. The only difference is the inventory system and the fact that you can see a weapon a mile away because it glows extremely bright. When you die, you lose all your stuff and must wait an hour to play that character again. This is pointless because you are allowed about 5 characters. If they are worried about you logging back in with the same character to get your stuff back, they should of made it to where you cannot join the same server. The fact that you can make multiple characters defeats every purpose of locking your dead character from being played again for 1 hour.

Really, War Z did not have a good impression on me at all. I feel as though the day z mod is a million times better. There is really no point in me playing war z again as I feel that I would make better use of my time if I played Day Z. If any of you guys want to criticize my judgement than go ahead. I'm just stating my opinion on the game. I just wanted to warn anyone who wants to play this game to not get their hopes up before hand.

Hello everyone! I just recently started playing killing floor again. I have to say It is one of my favorite zombie/mutant games. Anyways, the new Halloween event they started a few days ago changes all the mutants into hillbilly zombies. They also released a special Hillbilly map for the game which can be played for achievements so you get the new character they released. The character is the grim reaper which can be unlocked if you get all 6 unique event achievements and one achievement for beating the map on normal difficulty or up(Each difficulty is a new achievement). So if any of you are interested in this game I wanted to tell you there is a sale on steam for $5 or $10 for the bundle(includes all dlc). You don't need the dlc to play because its mostly just extra characters and a weapon bundle. The weapon bundle is needed to get the reaper character though as there are a few achievements for some of the weapons that are in the pack.

All in all, if your looking for a fun Halloween oriented game. This is definitely one your should be thinking about. It can be scary when you first play it, but after awhile the scare factor does die down. It is still a nice horror game to play if your looking for one to play with your friends. The game can also be challenging if you don't work together, so it promotes teamwork. If you decide to pick it up, or you already have it, Have fun!

So, I just recently got into Day Z. I've had ARMA II for awhile but just haven't got around to trying Day Z until recently. Its definitely a fun game mode. It takes a lot of patience though. Anyway, today, I had my first "murder". I wouldn't call it that though cause I killed the guy who was stealing my bus. He apparently was returning it when I shot him, but that doesn't explain the fact that he was driving right at me. I checked his body and he was just a newbie. So maybe he was telling the truth, but I don't really believe it. This is the first deadly confrontation I've had with other players

Yeah, I just thought I should share this little story with whoever is interested in reading it.

Hello guys, I just wanted to let you guys know I started a giveaway of the game Cubemen for any members of the Cheerful Ghost steam group. This is a cheap little game I picked up since it was on sale and decided to grab the 2 pack and let someone else try out this very small game. I've played it for about an hour and I got to say its a fun little game. It takes only about 1 minute to install and is definitely worth the cheap price. It is kinda like a rts/td game. If you want to watch a video there is one on the steam page.

Anyway go ahead and enter the giveaway if you want right here:

Remember that it is only open to members of the steam group so if you haven't joined yet go ahead and do it right now. It ends in about 5 hours from when this was posted.

Also, cubemen is not on the game list so I just put it here in general.
Hello again! I was thinking about this today and I wanted to know your guy's opinion. So here it is:

Who is your favorite video game character?

Simple enough. I want to know what character, in any game, you absolutely love. I don't care if you think he/she is hilarious or if you just like the character development of your certain person. I'm just curious to see what people think a good character is.

Personally, my favorite character relates to my favorite series. Garrus Vakarian from the mass effect series. I love this character because of the amazing thought that went into him. He has a backstory and not to mention you have him on your team throughout all three mass effect games. I love his attitude and just his all-around uberness.

So that is my favorite game character, what is yours?
Hello guys! I've been playing some more guild wars 2 and became interested in collecting the mini pet items that are in the game. My current collection is shown above. I have 6 of the 54 mini pets that are in the game. My current ones are:

Hylek Nahualli(Fine)
Seraph Heavy Guard(Fine)
Vampire Bat(Rare)
Frost Troll(Masterwork)
Dredge Excavator(Fine)

I'm curious how many of you actually collect these mini pets. If you do collect them, feel free to list yours. Also, if you see any pets that you would like to trade for, go ahead and ask. Just make sure you have a good deal in mind.

On a side note, if any of you are looking for some people to play with, I am going to create a guild here shortly. I play on the Stormbluff Isle server, so if you do also and would like to play together, you can comment with your user name.

Dark Messiah is a great game for those of you who like games with fun combat. This is a linear game and does not have any open world experience. If you can't stand linear games then I must say: play it anyway. The combat of this game is just so fun that you can't turn it down. Its about a 6-8 hour experience and comes with a multiplayer aspect of the game(although not many people play it anymore). An example of the combat that makes it fun is the magic. One of the spells you can use is ice, which when you cast it onto the ground, it creates a slippery surface that makes your foes slip and fall onto the ground. Since the game is a bit older, the ragdoll physics are kinda funny in the fact that when they slip, they fly forward about 100 mph. Its actually very useful because you can make your enemies slip off edges and into spikes and such(slightly hilarious). This is a great game and if any of you have anything to add, go ahead and comment.