Yes, you heard correctly. Some seriously dedicated fans to the Earthbound/Mother series have taken it upon themselves to create Mother 4. Oh, and it looks awesome too.

"Mother 4 is a traditional RPG set in an idealized vintage America, following the adventures of a young boy and the leader of a biker gang, who get caught up in the whirlwind events surrounding a group calling themselves the Modern Men."

Travis, Meryl, Leo & Floyd are the new characters Mother 4 brings to the forefront and each one has a different backstory. The art style is fresh, yet very reminiscent of the Mother series. They recently launched the above linked trailer and set the release date for... Read All

So, I've been beating the Cardhunter drum for a while now, and I thought I'd take a few moments to explain why it's been absorbing 95% of my gaming hours.

First up, it's a genre-bender. We've got a grid-based playing field and turn-based play flow, like many strategy wargames. We also have a deck-and-card element ala Magic: The Gathering, and we have characters, classes, and levels like any classic RPG.

When your characters start out at level 1, they have a few equipment slots - a warrior, for example, will have slots for two weapons, and one pair of boots. Each piece of equipment represents a number of cards in your deck, and when you place a piece of equipment into a... Read All
I've been making it a point lately to play things I wouldn't otherwise play. You may have noticed my "Is it really that bad?" series, which is far from over, but in addition to playing games that were widely panned I wanted to push my boundaries and play genres I don't normally like (or at least, don't think I like).

For years I've just cast aside the military shooter genre. I've seen them covered to death all over the web, commercials, magazines, etc, but they never really interested me.

A week or so ago, I saw a deal for Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for $7, and I realized that I already had a free copy of Battlefield 3 from some Origin promotion months ago, so I... Read All
I never owned the original Duck Tales NES game, but I used to rent it pretty often. Most Fridays my mom and I would head to the local video store, where we would get a couple of movies and a game. Duck Tales became my fallback game. If I couldn't find something I was interested in, at least there was Duck Tales. It's not like that was a consolation prize, either. I was always excited to get it home and play it again.

So when I heard that Capcom was remastering this game, getting in the voice actors from the series, but keeping the core mechanics, I was thrilled.

The nine-year-old me loves this game. The nine-year-old me is wondering why I bothered going to work this... Read All
Blizzard has set up a teaser site for a Diablo III expansion, apparently named Reaper of Souls. While there hasn't been any actual announcement yet, it appears on the official Blizzard servers, and the image displayed has the filename d3x_teaser-en-us.jpg, so it seems fairly obvious what we're dealing with here.

We all knew an expansion was coming, but hopefully we'll be getting some info to drool over soon!
Or should that be "blow" some new life... get it?

And therein lies the problem. We all had that shiny new NES that could do no wrong for a while, but then things started to go south. You'd get that telltale blinking blue screen, letting you know that something was amiss.

Somewhere along the way everyone somehow knew to blow in the cartridge, try again, and it would work. We shouldn't have done that, we were only making things worse, but the promise of playing Mario now was too tempting for our childhood minds. But even that would fail you eventually, and some of you may have an NES that just stopped working.

Here's what actually happened: The 72-pin connector in your NES... Read All

The "Sprint" game mode is 40 lines as fast as you can clear them. The video is using a tournament-specific version of Tetris that accounts for different modes and different block spawning algorithms.

This is the first time anyone has cleared a Sprint in under 20 seconds. It's amazing to think that there are human hands controlling this.
Blizzard has started rolling out beta invites for Hearthstone to press and people who opted into the beta. Hearthstone is Blizzard's new trading card game based on the Warcraft universe.

You can buy cards in the beta, though you won't be able to keep them when the game goes live. However, you will be given a credit equal to the amount you paid for the cards.

Read more here:

You can sign up for the beta by checking the box next to Hearthstone here:
I used the image above because I found it funny, not because I agree with it :)

Aliens: Colonial Marines came out the gate mired in muck. I had high hopes for this game. Great source material, developed by Gearbox using the Borderlands 2 engine, it just seemed destined for awesomeness. But then the prerelease reviews started flowing in and it became clear that buying this game was not in your best interests. Sloppy alien AI preventing them from even reacting to your presence, save-wiping bugs, texture issues, the list goes on. It was cheap a few weeks back so I grabbed it and put a few hours into it. So-- is it really that bad?

No, definitely not. At least not anymore.

I... Read All

I read a very good article on Polygon about harassment focused at game developers. The article features a good synopsis of the topic and collects a few interviews with people that have experienced some I call, "The Internet Hate Factory."

I am glad this topic is getting broader coverage and I hope it spurns more dialog in the community and fosters some change.

You should also check out the Cheerful Ghost Roundtable Ep. 2 "The Internet Hate Factory" that covers this topic, Cheerful Ghost Ghost style.

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