Decided to try many of the PS3 game demos I have had on my system for a bit and PixelJunk SideScroller was one of the good ones I played. Think Gradius meets Space Invaders meets beautiful graphics.

I wasn't good enough in my first play through to beat the demo but I will go back and play it again because its just so much fun. The graphics and play controls are really great. You can switch between three weapons to start off. The machine gun is your typical arcade space ship weapon, fast bullets to kill bad guys. You can use a laser that takes time to recharge but can cut through ice, which is useful when you have to move through big blocks of ice. The other weapon you... Read All

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Hey everyone. I just thought I'd let all you Steam users out there know that we've started an official Steam group for the site. Head over and sign up.

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This game is so cool. It may look easy but once rush hour comes the ships try to crash into each other. My high score is 35, but I will keep working on it.

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Elder Scrolls MMO Details (not completely sure how reliable this is, but it's been linked to on some major sites).


Honestly... disappointed. This looks like every other MMO we've ever seen, which isn't all bad, but it certainly isn't going to pull me in.

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Fantasy Flight is releasing more details on the new Descent: Journeys in the Dark second edition printing. Had to share some details with all yall because they were pretty interesting. As I wrote earlier about the new Descent, they are allowing the Overlord player a bit more to work with than it had previously. One such element is that the Overlord has some light deck building and classes available.

Fantasy Flight also removed the cork on one playable hero as well.

"A master of the bow and fearless defender of nature, Jain Fairwood stands ready to oppose the vile machinations of the overlord alongside her fellow... Read All

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Well, I've got to bitch for a second. The stupid pre-downloader for this game is driving me nuts. I run it for like 5 minutes, and it just closes: no error, no exception, no sign that anything went wrong except that it just gone.

You can pick up where you left off, but I've been downloading it as much as I've been able to (I don't have the best bandwidth), and I'm just over 60% done. That is after over a week.

I've tried Admin mode, Safe mode, no anti-virus. I've got a ticket in with Blizzard, but... eh... not really sure what to expect there.

Okay. A little bit of seething and I feel better... okay that's not true: I'm pissed.

Blizzard! Diablo or GTFO!

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so realistic to the MMA sport

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I got this game for Christmas and I finally convinced some people to sit down and play with me. (Side note: It should really not be that hard to convince people to try something new!)

This game is awesome! We had so much fun even though it was our first time playing and we lost pretty bad lol.

The premise of the game is that four diseases have broken out in different parts of the world and the players work cooperatively to treat the diseases and eventually find the cures for them. On the players turn they have 4 actions they can spend either moving around the map or treating cities that have been infected. Your objective is to discover all four cures before one of the... Read All

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The latest Indie Royale dropped today and has some interesting titles.

It has:
* Dungeon Defenders (I've been meaning to try)
* Containment: The Zombie Puzzler (looks like an interesting puzzle game)
* Data Jammers: Fast Forward (very stylized racer)
* Brainpipe - A Plunge to Unhumanity (ambient, visual treat action game)
* Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space (hybrid science fiction space adventure and strategy game)

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Well, it has happened. Bethesda has announced the Elder Scrolls MMO.

It has been rumored for months (years?) now, but we finally have confirmation.

It will be set 1000 years before the events of Skyrim, where Molag Bal is attempting to swallow up Tamriel into his plane of Oblivion. Looks interesting so far.

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The perfect bathroom game for iphone. Seriously. Play for 1 minute or 15. Simple puzzles get complex, with a cute interface.

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Secret of Mana is one of my most beloved games of all time. I come back and play this every few years. This game opened my eyes to how awesome video games could be. The story, music and game play are fantastic. Back in the day when the Super Nintendo ruled the gaming world, Secret of Mana was Square's triple A effort. And it is awesome.

Recently I saw Secret of Mana for sale in on iOS so I mulled it over and picked it up. What's a few more bucks to being able to play on the greatest games ever on my iPhone? Ultimately I was really disappointed with the iPhone version and this post is going to go over why. This also might be the most nit-picky post I have ever written... Read All

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Just bought tickets to Pax Prime this year. Very excited.

**EDIT** Looks like the sold out 15 minutes after I bought my tickets. They have some single day ticket still available.

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The right sound effects and everything. Disturbing Link visual, but fun geek reference.

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Here are a few Diablo 3 news bits I had to share. So stay a while and read:

The above video is the new reveal for the Wizard class. It seems from this video she is an epic Nuke class. After playing the beta I didn't get a good sense for how the Wizard would fit into a party but after seeing her later in the game in this video it makes sense to me. Calling down meteors on demons seems very satisfying!

Bizzard has released more information about the in-game auction house. This is a feature that has been getting a lot of negative attention and I don't really understand it. Isn't it a good thing to allow you as a user to make money by... Read All

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