BioShock is one of those games that builds a world you feel immersed in from the start. Playing the game I really got into the character and mood of the game and it was very creepy. As far as the start to a game goes, BioShock does it better than most ive experienced. I started with the PS3 demo and then was given the full meal deal from a friend on my cake day.

100% full disclosure, ive never completed it. I haven't completed it because I can only play it in 10-20 minute increments. The game looks fantastic, has a interesting plot device and the game mechanics are good its just that ... I don't want to exist in that world doing that stuff very long. I find it... Read All

Sure, this game was impossible without the Konami Code, but still, this song brings back fond memories...

The State of the Ghost 1.0

If people like these kinds of posts, ill keep them semi-regular and to the point about Cheerful Ghost and what direction the site is headed.

Ill try to keep this as brief as I am able :)

A month++ ago I launched Cheerful Ghost to my friends. People seemed to think it had potential and as I listened to your feedback I made improvements to make the site awesome. Based on our small but absolutely dedicated following I can now say that this is the most fun Ive had in gaming in years. Seeing what you guys play and having meaningful dialogs on those games is magical. I wasn't sure it was possible to be part of a community that can rise above the... Read All

Unsure if you have seen this. If not, check it out.

I found a free to play MMO off Steam called Realm of the Mad God. It has just about the simplest sign-up process ever as after you load the game you don't need to sign-up for an account, they just start you in a zone to teach you the game and you play it. (you can play it in your browser right now)

Immediately I felt at home because of the retro graphics and simple controls. Seriously, this game is pretty simple and its a refreshing experience. You start out as the Wizard class and its a fun class to play. You can unlock other classes by playing the game. Yesterday I unlocked the Priest class.

One thing you need to know is that death is... Read All
Play this now. It'll take you about 20 min. to beat, and oh boy is it worth it:
Do you like puzzle games? They you might like this. Don't be fooled though, this isn't really a puzzle game. It is much more than that.

This game tricks you into being an engineer. It starts out all cute with these simple little puzzles, and 10 0hours in you're managing multiple plants, multiple processes, matching inflow with outflow, all while shooting lasers at giant floating pyramid.

I've never really been able to pick up coding, but I have a feeling that this game kind of feels like that. You are given a task and you begin to put together different little tricks that you have learned in order to complete that task. When you find out that your old methods won't work... Read All
I pre-ordered the Diablo 3 collectors edition last week. I got the Starcraft 2 collectors edition and loved it, decided since its not that much more than the box copy of D3, ill get the collectors as well.

Comes with: Diablo 3 PC/Mac game, Diablo skull and 4G usb soul stone, Behind the scenes DVD/Bluray, art of Diablo 3 book & the Diablo 3 soundtrack. It also comes with some digital stuff like SC2 avatars and some exclusive D3 items.

Kind of with pre-ordering the game got you into the beta. Id love to give it a go.
This is a free to play DOTA style game that I find wildly fun and addictive! Gamers who enjoy online competitive play will probably enjoy this title quite a bit.

There are two resource systems in the game: Riot Points (RP) and Influence Points (IP). You obtain IP from playing games while you buy RP from the store. Either resource can be used to buy champions and runes. But if you want to buy a skin for your beloved champs you can only use RP.

The graphics and animations are very good and gameplay is generally smooth. My biggest complaint with this game is the community. You should either turn chat off or be ready to be trolled consistently by one of the worst communities... Read All

Looks like there may be a screenshot of Doom 4 floating around. If this is real, I am excited. Even if it isn't, the fact that Doom 4 is being made excites me enough.

@jdodson have you seen this?

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