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Next Gen Console Rumors Are Depressing.

Seriously, they are.


"The bad news is that the PS4 will not be able to play PS3 games, so users might want to consider selling their games, or trading them in."

and this gem:

"Rumors are circulating that the next generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles will also block people from being able to play used games.

Some news isn't too bad, like the Playstation 4 releasing before the "NextBox 720":


Nintendo has mentioned what the Wii U will be backwards compatible with Wii games and Wii controllers. No word if they want to disallow used games though.

All that to say, not all the rumors about the next gen consoles are bad its just that some of them are really bad. Its no secret many publishers hate used games.


Simple fact is used games are great for publishers! They just see a used game purchase as a lost sale so they get upset because they wanted that as revenue and view it as a loss. I buy games based off what I hear from other people(ala Cheerful Ghost) and what I play from demos. Most demos I play suck and I immediately delete them and that translates to a lost sale, does that mean demos are bad and should be abolished? No, they should have made a better game.

I have only so much money for video games so if you artificially make them all $60 I have less to spend and therefore own fewer games. Often times ill pickup a game I heard was good for $15 and love it. Often times that means ill pickup the sequel to that game on release day. The Orange Box was one such deal. I picked it up on the PS3 used for $20. I pre-ordered Portal 2 for $60 and will get pre-order the next Halflife game with no thought spent.

I wouldn't have picked up The Orange Box for more money. More money would have meant a lost sale because I had no VALUE for The Orange Box before I learned to love it. I had no idea how rad the Halflife-a-verse was before I existed in it. I had no idea how bad-ass Portal was before I played it. Now I love them all and will funnel money to buying each sequel. Lost sale? If you only think in the short term, possibly.

You can't value something you don't know about and a lack of used games OR incorrect video game pricing lead to gamers, like me, simply not valuing your product because its not priced accordingly to how I value it.

So you can say that all used games are lost sales or you can look at used games as getting it into the hands of people. I hope Microsoft and Sony don't listen to publishers here because the console that doesn't allow used games will be one I don't purchase. Reason? If you going to basically adopt the Steam model and allow me to do LESS with what I buy you are wrong.

The next gen will be living in the "half realm" of discs/memory cards AND digital downloads. Have a physical product I can buy that locks me into a console sounds like Steam but less appealing. Why? Well Steam has years of a proven track record of allowing you to buy a game and access it across your PC's life-cycle. Plus, many games run on Mac and Windows. Console manufacturers are now possibly dropping support for old gen games on next gen hardware. So, again, you have the digital only model, but its WORSE than the Steam. Imagine if Steam didn't allow people to play Halflife 2 on a Quad Core computer when you upgraded. Its as silly as Playstation not allowing your digital or physical games to not play on the PS4.

I love my Playstation 3. It ain't perfect but its pretty damn good. I can buy a game and play it used or new. I often loan games to friends and get games from them to try. Graphics look great and it plays Bluray. I am not interested in doing less for the same or more money with no benefit to me as a customer. Then again, these are all rumors.....

The problem is that it doesn't sound so far out of band for Sony or Microsoft. I hope someone in the console space can get it right though and perhaps Nintendo is the only company that can?

I want there to be a next-gen console in my future. Hope someone gives me a reason to buy one. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo its your play now.

The world must be told of the coming darkness! It has begun.

Wonder how far into the story until you save Cain?

Diablo retrospective videos:


Wonder how much of that will show on the collectors DVD/Bluray?

A few days after Rage shipped I saw a video about someone finding a secret Wolfenstein and Doom room. I found the Wolf room in Rage and a few days ago found the Doom room. The above video outlines how to find it, but I snapped a few pics of my own:


Basically I remembered that someone, in some level, hit some keyboards and they made a sound. Hit enough and a Demon made a noise and then you opened some door and there was the Doom room. Recently I made it to the Gearhead level saw a keyboard, hit it and it made a noise. I hit enough and a Demon made a noise. I beat the level and on my way out the level I tried a door I couldn't open at the start and it opened to the Doom room!

The Doom room is pretty cool. The original music plays as you see the original textures from the Doom game as the level. If you pass a barrel it flips around like the original Doom art did as it wasn't pure 3D back then, just gave the illusion of it. I collected the trophy and figured id continue on a kill some pinky demons but, alas it wasn't too large a room. Cool they put it in, would have loved to have killed some original Doom baddies.

Doom 4 please. Soon?

You can finally buy a real life Aperture Science Portal gun that... doesn't actually shoot Portals. They don't sell it very well in the video to do much more than make noises that kind of sound like the game and light up a bit. I am thinking this would be cool have on a shelf somewhere with some other video game collectors stuff like my Power Glove.

I love my sweet Power Glove. Sweet. sweet Power Glove.... Oh wait... Sorry... Im back now...

Might have been better if it could at least project a light on a wall then it could double as a rad flash light. Still, this will be rad for Cosplay and Halloween.

They are already sold out.

Recently put this up at my house. I took a picture at a time to chart my progress.

Here are the steps to create a post it note 8bit Link on your wall:

1. Figure out what 8-bit creation you want on your wall.
2. Buy post-it notes, realize they cost WAY more than they should in the store.
3. Buy them anyway, its art baby!
4. Get the picture on your smartphone or print it(like its 2002 inkjet style)
5. Put up one post-it, snap a pic
6. Put up a few more
7. Snap a pic
8. Screw up a bit, start over again
9. Snap a pic
10. Realize half way you were over a few centimeters and try to backpedal
11. Snap a pic
12. Get really close and get really excited because this looks really bad ass
13. Snap a pic
14. Finish and post to awesome game site and share with your friends
15. Snap a pic

Its just 15 easy steps and you too can have an awesome 8-bit post-it note creation on your wall!


Ive played through the original Legend of Zelda many times and I always preferred the blue ring link to the other styles. I also didn't have a great brown post-it color so I picked red and think Link is better served as a ginger with what I had to work with.

Wondered a bit how everyone's game habits have changed over time. Lately ive noticed that time is harder to come by so my game habits have migrated quite a bit to mobile games.

Just a few years ago I could spend a few hours here and there playing any ol game. Weekends were pretty lean, so I easily delved into Fallout 3, Halflife 2 and every expansion. I played through many other games as well and some weekends I could knock out 6 hours or more. Finding that lately having that kind of game time has evaporated due to being busy with this or that.

I told myself that I wouldn't sink money into iPhone games. I just don't generally find them more fun than console or PC games. That said, I started buying some games and playing many more free ones. Its not that I am starting to prefer a touch screen over a keyboard and mouse or a controller, I just have less and less free time these days.

Right before bed or a lunch break are much more common times for me to play and the phone seems to fit that use-case more than a Playstation or PC. Haven't realized how long a console game takes to load until you compare it to a iPhone game. When you only get 30 minutes to an hour to play, 3 - 4 minutes to load the game matters. I mean, if I only have 30 minutes to play thats 10% of the time to boot a console, start the game and load a save. 3 minutes may be on the high end, but still, its significant compared to a mobile device.

All that said, some mobile games are pretty stellar such as Plants VS Zombies and Sword and Sworcery(Ill post about this one later, its superb) and a few others I have yet to try. But I still dream on the PC or Console but that may slowly change as time ever marches onward.

Do you still game as you once did or have things changed a bit over time for you?

A few months ago I tried Tiny Tower and deleted it pretty quick. Didn't seem too interesting to me at the time. After hearing @Tungsten recommend, I installed it again.

Above I stitched together screen-shots of my Tower. I like that you can rename businesses whatever you want. The movie and video game store is named "Cheerful Ghost" and I named the cake store "The Cake is a Lie." I like that simple customization to your Tower. As you can see, I haven't quite come to name the new businesses at the top yet.

I generally never allow my apps to notify me when they have new business, but for this app I let it notify me for a few days with updates so I could build my tower at a regular pace.

Not playing it quite as heavy as I was but I still keep the Tower businesses stocked and move people up and down the floors. One interesting feature is the Bitbook where you can see what your residents are doing. Fun to see what they are posting, often times its not game related but interesting.

At Spirit Mountain w @Adym. Roullette is awesome, not terribly lucky with it but it's fun.

Seems to be more themed Lord Of The Rings and Star Trek games than usual. I seem to be more and more of a target audience now. Noticed that with the Star Trek slot William Shatner lent his voice for it as well as Leonard Nimoy.

I am really excited about a few games coming out. Diablo 3, Borderlands 2 and DoTA 2. I played the original DoTA at University in the CS lab and it was awesome. Ill readily admit I wasn't any good nor am I still, but I find the game to be quite a bit of fun.

I am excited for bots in DoTA 2. Reason is, im not terribly great at these games and don't plan on being the best but want to have fun. Bots for these kinds of games allow me to, you know, like actually play them and have fun. A problem with DoTA is that the second I start downloading the map I get kicked from War 3 for being a "newb." The other issue is if I get into a match and suck I get trashed talked by children. I don't mind trash talk but it can often make a game un-radsome.

That said, playing DoTA with friends and occasionally online sounds awesome. It will also be cool because I believe it will bring over the League of Legends and Demigod players to allow for a really large game community. I just hope, when it emerges its worth existing in. That or they allow me to turn voice chat off :)

I recently read the DoTA 2 comic "Are we Hero's Yet" on my iPhone. The art is super high res and the story is very well done. Cool to see Valve release comics before a game launch, the Portal 2 comic is, in my mind a fantastic story on its own. Really adds to the depth of a world when you have all these different angles on its universe. I hope, as with Portal 2, the soundtrack is made available for free.

to read online:


or to just straight up download the pdf:


"Blizzard Entertainment is offering a series of special charity auctions featuring server hardware originally used during World of Warcraft’s early days. We’ve since upgraded the game’s infrastructure with the latest technology to offer an even better player experience, but these 'honorably discharged' server blades are now unique collectors’ pieces. The net proceeds from the auction will go to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital."

Totally awesome to get your hands on one of these servers. For the plaque and historical nature alone. I imagine they wipe the drives before they ship them though :)



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