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Come join us Tuesday night to play the new Scream Fortress expansion at 9EST, 6PST, and some other time if you're in other parts of the world. We'll make a post an hour before we start to coordinate, and join the Cheerful Ghost Steam group if you haven't already.

See you tomorrow!

Robert Florence has stepped down from Eurogamer because an article he wrote about games journalists and PR was edited due to complaints from people in the article.

It's hard to explain, much easier to read, so here you go. This is the unedited version, with the removed parts in bold:

One thing that sticks out for me is that journalists for reputable news organizations can't accept extravagant gifts from anyone involved in the material they're writing about. Is it ok for a gaming journalist to accept a PS3 from someone with a new game coming out that they'll surely be writing about?

This looks promising. The narration is a little grating but the info is worth it.

It looks like the combat will be similar to that of the recent single-player games. The Finesse system sounds interesting. Overall, it seems different from any MMO combat I've seen, which is definitely a good thing.

I'll have to break my rule of never playing MMOs for this one.
Have any of you ever used ENB for any of your games?

I got a new video card a week or so ago and I've been experimenting with ENB mods. First off, I have no idea what ENB stands for. From what I can tell, nobody really does. Essentially, it accomplishes some graphical quality increases using an extra rendering layer. This obviously comes with a hit to performance, so you may not like the results on older hardware.

The main development goes on at and consists mostly of a modified DirectX 9 dll that you copy into the game's directory. Then, presets and configurations specific to whichever game you're using are available, whether from the creator of the ENB series or from users. Nexus has a few different ENB configurations for Skyrim and Oblivion. Skyrim is shown in the picture above.

At its most basic, it seems to give everything on-screen more depth and realism, though I haven't been able to really nail down *why*.

It can get quite a bit more detailed though. Icenhancer for GTA4 for instance:

Icenhancer uses the same ENB dll at its core but has various other additions built-in.

Generally the installation is a snap, it's just a matter of extracting some files into the C:\Program Files\...\Game folder, and they generally don't overwrite anything.

So what do you think? Anyone tried this out?

The OSU marching band doing a video game show.

Not only is this an incredibly geeky marching show, it's pretty well-done. It makes me want to dig out the trumpet and go back to college, just so I can get out on the field again.

Some of this technique is amazing. Making the horse (which I'm assuming is supposed to be Epona) gallop is one of the best things I've ever seen done in a marching show.
The Borderlands 2 Haiku contest is now over. We've tallied the score, and the preliminary winner is Jacob_Richardson with 56 votes! We are only human, so we are going to give the game to the winner tomorrow at this time, to give us and the community time to check our work, and to confirm the validity of all votes cast. Please note that no more votes will be accepted: +1's given after 4PM EST today do not count.

The winning haiku:

In a very close second, Axel_Mller's haiku:

Also a shout-out to our winner in the SteamGifts giveaway:
So I beat The Butcher in Inferno. I know, no big deal, it's been done a million times already, but it did feel pretty damn awesome to take my fresh level 60 monk all the way through Act 1 with no troubles at all.

Then I hit act 2. Oh man, did I ever hit act 2. It's pretty hard. My gear is probably to blame, but I was hoping to actually find some gear along the way to act 2 that would help me when I started the act, but I wasn't so lucky. Looks like a trip to the AH is in order.

OK here's my epic Terraria base. I spent weeks off and on with this thing. If you noticed I wasn't around on the CG server for days at a time, this is why.

I created/destroyed so many new worlds just to get the materials for this, so I could get different colored dungeon blocks mostly.

One thing I didn't show off there at the end, I decided not to bore anyone further, is that I have a long line of bricks in Hell, ending with a lava pit like the one WhiteBoySlim made, and a house above so you can set your spawn point.

I also have houses at the entrance to the dungeon, corruption, and underground jungle.

I used Tedit to copy in a couple of additions you'll recognize, and also to fix a few things that I can fix with a couple of clicks rather than spending hours destroying and rebuilding. I also used a map program called TerraFirma to find some statues for the statue farm, and a few of the ones I used in the NPC housing. I may or may not have used a chest glitch to get enough wire for all my contraptions. :-X

I took some inspiration for the construction style from #5 on this list:

If you're interested in your own obsidian generator, here's how to do it:

I recorded everything in Bandicam, because FRAPS only lets you do 30 seconds without paying them-- Bandicam allows 10 minutes. But it appears Bandicam's compression leaves a little to be desired, so I recommend watching this in full screen and in 360p if you want to actually see the text.

And now I'm done with Terraria for a while. I definitely want to come back to it between Dec 15 and 31, for the winter content (or I might just change my clock at some point). Santa and packs of snowmen? Sign me up!
Diablo III 1.0.4 patch notes released

Last but not least in our series of D3 posts, the patch notes!

Hope you have some time to kill-- this one takes a while to read. SO many changes, almost all of them good.

And confirmed, The patch is coming tomorrow!

To recap...
Diablo III Profiles release:
Initial 1.0.4 preview:
Legendary item improvements:
Diablo III Starter Edition availability:
Barbarian improvements:
Wizard improvements:
Monk improvements:
Demon Hunter improvements:
Witch Doctor improvements:
Paragon level leak:
Auction House improvements:
Paragon System Detailed:
The Paragon system... It's official!

This looks incredible. 100 extra experience bars to fill, giving you awesome bonuses the whole way.

It isn't *just* experience, apparently. It looks like you get some boosts to your core stats along the way as well!

By the time you hit Paragon level 100, you will have reached the maximum Gold/Magic Find available, and GF/MF gear won't matter.

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