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Cheerful Ghost Games BBS v. 1.5

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  1. Tale of the White Wyvern
    Tale of the White Wyvern is a text based, high fantasy, sword and magic adventure mini-MMO that you can play with your friends! Created by Cheerful Ghost and launched July 2019!
  2. CivClicker
    CivClicker is an empire building clicker game where you build a massive Civilization in your browser.
  3. 2048
    2048 is an addictive puzzle game where two blocks can merge to become one.
  4. Candy Box
    Candy Box is a JavaScript idle game where you collect candy. This game is deliciously inventive and a must play.
  5. Candy Box 2
    Candy Box 2 is a perfect sequel improving on every aspect of the original.
  6. Minesweeper
    Minesweeper is a game where you clear a rectangular board containing hidden mines without blowing yourself up!
  7. Hextris
    Hextris is Fast paced HTML5 puzzle game inspired by Tetris!
  8. Iceberg 2 Wrath of Don
    In Iceberg 2 you collect carbon credits to offset climate change in order to save a melting iceberg while trying to escape the wrath of Don.
  9. Crescent Loom
    Crescent Loom is a biologically-realistic nervous system simulation game. Weave underwater creatures and bring them to life with the unique language of neuroscience.
  10. Cheerful Fortune
    Cheerful Fortune tells you a nerdy quote or interesting fact because every great BBS needs a fortune program. Created by Cheerful Ghost in 2018.
  11. Freshwater Fishing Simulator
    Freshwater Fishing Simulator is a BBS game from 1993 where you try to catch as many fish as you can. Pick from an assortment of lakes as you kick back in your boat and reel em' in!
  12. Don't Wake The Sysop
    Don't Wake The Sysop is a classic BBS game where you try to make as much BBS noise as you can without waking up the Sysop. How loud can you get?
  13. Barneysplat!
    Barneysplat! is BBS parody game of the 90's children's TV show Barney and Friends! Try and sabotage the show any way you can in this irreverent BBS cult classic.
  14. Starship Rubicon
    Starship Rubicon is a modern take on the classic space shooter genre. It's a smart and challenging rogue-lite that features a unique control scheme & pixel art. Published by Cheerful Ghost in 2014 on Steam and Itch.